Winter Event 2021

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Winter Event 2021

Postby Uiqua » Fri 24. Dec 2021, 11:46

Hello everyone,

This year there is another double feature as a winter event! Because in addition to the already known Winter Ticket Event, we have also put the adventure "Snow drift" under the Christmas tree for you.

But we also give you enough time to tear something at both! Because the current event will run until 3rd February, 2022.

So that you do not have to search for everything here in the forum again, you will find the details of both events below.

Then we only have basement children to wish you all a cozy Advent season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Many greetings



The ticket merchant has once again entered the world of Days of Evil.

The Toecap shortens the duration of a fight in the Thunderdome to 20 minutes during the Winter Event, and a PvP fight shortens to 3 minutes. In addition, during the event tickets can be used to freshen ferosity, as well as elemental air and elemental ice for tickets. The players who already own the Toecap do not have to buy it again!

Fetid snowball
This little monster is filled with a loathsome ingredient, which we do not want to explain more detailled here. So it is ideally suited to be thrown at your worst enemies. However, it suffers so much from the stench that every dark ruler who has gotten 20 of these stink bombs, in return receives a unique new trophy.

Bunch of explosives
At the turn of the year also in this world it is handled with too much fireworks. Therefore it makes sense in this confusion to sneak into the fortress of his enemy to fire a few explosives. To compensate for the whole bombing receives any Dark Lord, whose fortress 30 bombs were thrown, a unique new trophy.

The king scorpion "Chorion" is available again for tickets. Though you need 3 artefacts for the Scorpio King - You find one in a dungeon, one by doing a PVP fight and one by producing goods.

The epic units "Somnamphore", "Chaemeth", "Magmawing", "Malygorn", "Cad Nobis", "Baroness Eoanta", "Baron Rathanael" and "Oathbreaker" are also included.

Normal dungeons
While the Winter Event you receive +30% more gold in normal dungeons.

You can receive tickets in following ways:

- As loot in dungeons (the number of tickets depend on the player level and the difficulty of the dungeon)
- As a prize from the Maritimers' games of chance
- Purchasing on the marketplace


Snow drift

At this event, the mighty magician Quirandot offers you a deal: he will put together a mixture for you, with which you can summon an ifrit. In return you have to release his captive daughter.

The Ifrit gives you the opportunity to acquire ancient treasures that have been in the demons' possession for millennia.

When you have completed the questline, which consists of 14 quests, Quirandot has enough materials to brew the Ifrit potion. With the Ifrit itself, you have the option of exchanging the materials you collect for items and units or purchasing them for souls.
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