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Thank you, guys.

PostPosted: Tue 28. Jan 2020, 17:59
by DiannaDark
I put messages on the Servers German, English, and French that I needed people to buy my goods on DemiFan on the Brazil Server.

Thank you so much to the guys who came to buy things. I still am trying to sell things there, but hardly anyone is active there, due to Brazil and Russia being Abandoned.

cunha, thank you so much.

The Equipment you supplied to DemiFan on the Brazil Server gave me the Heroic Dungeons.

That will give me things to sell there in case someone starts playing there or Brazil eventually gets the upgrade.

If Brazil eventually gets the Upgrades, I can get a Recycler and recycle the goods I find that there is no one in the Game to buy.

There does not seem to be and Active Admin on the English Server, I hope the Creaters of the Game in Germany are not thinking of abandoning the English Server as they did the Brazil Server. I know the Violence in Brazil today may make it impossible to ever upgrade the Brazil Servers.