Market Place Limits

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Market Place Limits

Postby Pangloss » Mon 18. Nov 2019, 20:56

There should be a limit on the number of offers from any individual player (maybe 20?) posted at any one time. If they want to post 21 then they will need to remove one of their 20 existing offers first.

For example there is a player "Thunderstorm" that is spamming the Market Place with multiple offers of the same items. Offers of the same item should be consolidated into just one offer - not ten plus offers for the same item!
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Re: Market Place Limits

Postby GYNDE » Tue 19. Nov 2019, 05:30

It does seem a bit much.....


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Re: Market Place Limits

Postby DiannaDark » Thu 6. Feb 2020, 17:06

Is anyone really active ? I think anyone should be able to post up to 150 entre's into the Marketplace. There are almost no Armors, Weapons, or Jewelry for sale on the Marketplace on the English Server.

If you feel Players Should buy Armors, Weapons, and Jewelry please post them for sale instead of Recycling them.

I like a price of 1 to 1.5 per point - 150,000 Gold to 225,000 for a Weapon or Armor with 150,000 Total Points. In Hawk's Hell Guild - This is not a Rule, Members can charge what they want when they post something on the Marketplace or in private Contracts to other players.

I know, that is normally less than the Cost of Production, but that is not a big deal if you return from the Heroic Dungeons dragging 3 of the Items. If you produce them in the Large Armory, you need to use them. You can't afford to sell them and lose Gold.

Armors, Jewelry, and Armors are not like the other goods in our game that costs so much less to produce than what is a Fair Price.

The Marketplace needs wood, stone, water, ore and other supplies placed on the Marketplace at a Fair Price - The Troll and Traveling Merchant Prices are normally 10 to 20 times the cost of production, really a Fair Price.

I think anyone should be able to post up to 150 entre's into the Marketplace.

It seems most of the things placed on the Marketplace are there only for Storage.

I place items there priced to sell because I need the Gold.

If you feel I have too many items on the Marketplace, they are cheap, buy them.

I think it would be a better idea for the Marketplace to punish a player who left an item or many items setting on the Marketplace with out selling (just for Storage) for 6 months by claiming 20 percent of the items or 100 percent if it is only one item, and sending the rest of the items if any back to the Seller.

Or possibly it would be better to lower the price by half each Six months it set on the Marketplace without Selling.


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