probele de gloire

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probele de gloire

Postby tethan » Fri 27. Apr 2018, 16:06


les points de gloire qui s'affichent sur le tableau general "classement" (perso j'en ai 7995) differe de celui qui est renseigné dans la page "marchand de gloire" (s'affiche 4975 pts) ... celui de la page marchand de gloire ne se met pas à jour selon moi... Merci de votre attention
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Re: probele de gloire

Postby st0rm » Sat 28. Apr 2018, 10:51

The 7995 include the 4975 (shown in the Glory Dealer). The difference comes from the past World Boss Event + any other glory points you had and used on items.
The 7995 in the Rankings / Glory Ranking is cumulative and never decreases if you use your glory points (unlike Guild Points or Guild Honor Points).

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Re: probele de gloire

Postby Orience » Sun 30. Sep 2018, 10:25

Thank you for the answer st0rm, this topic did go under my radar lol
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