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Marketplace Storage

Postby DiannaDark » Mon 25. May 2020, 13:23

Items that are not selling on the Marketplace and are just taking up space.

After setting on the Marketplace for a year, Things priced way too high to Sale are placed on the Marketplace only for Storage and should be returned to the owner or should just go away. The owner should get no Gold back from the Marketplace for the Storage of the said item.

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Re: Marketplace Storage

Postby Pangloss » Wed 27. May 2020, 17:56

I think a year on the marketplace is still too much. After 180 days the items should be returned to the players inventory. There should also be a cap on the number of items a player can have in the marketplace at one time. :idea: There is no reason to have 10+ listings of the same item from the same player - just another form of spam. :!: :evil:
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Re: Marketplace Storage

Postby GYNDE » Thu 28. May 2020, 16:13


ANd if ANY of the Admins log in, they might see this post and forward it on... :lol:

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