Halloween Event 2021

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Halloween Event 2021

Postby Uiqua » Fri 29. Oct 2021, 09:36

Hello everyone!

Now the Halloween Event is online. The event lasts until the 30th of November, 2021.

To see what it all includes here is a short list of the details:

- The unit "Gorax" has been added to the Sea People
- At the Halloween event the unit "Torxus" can be purchased for tickets
- Each player can purchase the "Evil-O-Matic" special offer again

The production of stone, wood and water is increased by 10% during the event.
PvP battles in the arena now last only 3 minutes instead of 6.
If you can't see the Halloween header image, please press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard.

Small Horror
If you hire these malevolent minion, he'll scare the opponents, which attack your fortress, to the core. At each fortress attack from your enemies you have the chance to scare them. After you have successfully defended your fortress against 5 opponents, you get the trophy Terror Master V.

Poisoned Candy
A little something that bears more in it than it seems and that you can send to other players. Will you be poisoned 15 times, you get the trophy Fool's Cap V.

Ticket Merchant
Here you can buy the epic units from the latest ticket event. Else there are several powerful items to buy, too. So you definitely should take a look!

For the duration of the Halloween Event, Jack reduces the length of dungeon stays by two hours. You can either use this trophy yourself or give it to another player. Important: If you already have the Jack from the last event, you don't have to buy a new one!

Tickets can be exchanged at 150:1 for Maritimers' lottery tickets.

Tickets can be obtained in the following ways:

- As loot in normal dungeons (the number of tickets depends on the player level and the difficulty of the dungeon)
- As a prize from the Maritimers' games of chance
- At the marketplace

We wish all of you a Happy Halloween!


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