Easter Event

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Easter Event

Postby Uiqua » Fri 30. Mar 2018, 11:02

Hello everybody,

Like every year an Easter event takes place this time. Here you have to collect tickets again to exchange them at the ticket merchant for interesting items.

The event runs until 07.05. and the ticket dealer again has all sorts of equipment, elementals and epic units on offer!

This time the event will not last as long as we will start another event in April ;)

We wish you a lot of fun with the event and of course Happy Easter!

Best regards

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Re: Easter Event

Postby Machine » Wed 2. May 2018, 14:07


- we did not see any other event since the easter event is over ("we will start another event in April")...
- the easter event ended before the 07.05 as you annouced...
- the competition of May did not start yet...

We hope you will be back soon with good news !

there is a competition actually, I didn't notice it because it is not announced.
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Re: Easter Event

Postby RappScallion » Thu 10. May 2018, 14:40

So.... Where is the other event which was supposed to start in April?
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Re: Easter Event

Postby Orience » Fri 11. May 2018, 12:31

It is postponed to this month, due to an illness in the dev team :)
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