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Old Bug

PostPosted: Thu 20. Feb 2020, 18:02
by DiannaDark
We still have the bug that removes a player's name from the list of Active Guild members if they are removed from being a Guild Leader or Councilor.

I would mention the name, but there is not an Active Admin here.

Re: Old Bug

PostPosted: Tue 14. Apr 2020, 11:57
by st0rm
I can pass it on via skype. Either leave the name of the player in here or send it via in-game PM.


Re: Old Bug

PostPosted: Fri 17. Apr 2020, 16:09
by DiannaDark

Now I have a Moon ID Ticket for the Invisible Player Bug.

That means they will take a look.

I mentioned the Guild Leader being totally inactive and there being no way to remove mebreasta from Guild Leader, but that is the way the Game is Designed to work. The Guild Leader can only remove his or her self.

DemiFan in Hell Guild is the player on the English Server I want to be visible.

This bug has existed since the Game was built and is not nearly as annoying as the Game's Absence of a way to Remove a Guild Leader that has been not active for months or even years.

Thank you so much.