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Democrat Murders Continue

PostPosted: Thu 18. Jun 2020, 15:51
by DiannaDark

The Hilary Clinton lost Riots, Looting, Violence, Marches, murders, and Terrorism by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the New Black Panthers, and AOC crazy Socialists and the lunatic Socialist Asshole Traitor Democrats continues financed by socialist Assholes like George Soros continues. ... floyd-the/

Re: Democrat Murders Continue

PostPosted: Thu 18. Jun 2020, 16:11
by DiannaDark

The masks don't protect you from the China Virus Apocalypse Emergency our Government has imposed on us.


In the Hot Zone in a Virus Outbreak the Doctors wear a totally Encapsulated Chemical Suit with a positive pressure breathing apparatus on the inside of the Chemical Suit. Would they go to all that trouble if a bandanna worn like a Stage Coach robber would protect you from a air borne virus ?

Watch one of the Virus movies like the Andromedia Strain or Outbreak. It is only History and the Truth.

Normally you don't load virus victims up on a plane and fly them to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia like Barack Obama did with Ebola Victims. Normally you Quarenteen them in place and treat them there.

Who is responsible for the Coronavirus Apocalypse ?

WHO, the Chinese Government, medical agencies around the world, our EPA and CDC and other Federal Agencies, our liberal Media, and our Crazy, wino, junkie, fat cat parasite Politicians in Washington, DC.

Our Federal Agencies have been too Corrupt to function since the Insane Criminal Bush's, Clinton's, and Obama's.

Like Barack Obama said, " Muslims have nothing to do with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria." and " Benghazi was some drunk Muslims out on a lark because they were mad about a stupid youtube video." and, " if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" .

All we can expect from our loony, fat cat, parasite, politicians, religious leaders, and media is more lies.