The Democrat Hate Group

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The Democrat Hate Group

Postby DiannaDark » Mon 1. Jun 2020, 15:21

What do our Politicians, our Religious Leaders like the Socialist Politician Pope Francis and our Preachers, and our Media have a hard time giving us ?

Anything that resembles the truth.

Who are these Imen and Mulahs who preach women should not talk or have human rights and freedoms and spread hate, murder women and children who report they have been raped, witches, drunks, drug users, and homosexuals and preach the murder of people who offend Islam or one of the nations that has Sharia Law ?

They are the Religious Leaders of the Peaceful Religion of Islam, you know like the first leader of ISIS.

George Soros, Antifa, the Democrat Party, and radical Islamic Terrorists are behind all the Marches, Riots, Violence, murders and Terrorism after Hilary Clinton lost in the Presidential Election in 2016 through today.

Antifa exists in Germany, France, England and the rest of Europe.

Antifa has existed in Germany since before World War 2. When it was set up in Germany Antifa was what it is today, just another Communist Terrorist Group.

Antifa did not change when the Democrat Party in the United States began to support and praise it's Crazy Terrorist assholes. ... Mx4TMAOMx8

The Koran, Sharia Law, Mosques, Imans, and other Muslim religiious leaders spread hate, racism, and Terrorism.

Condemnation of hate-preaching Winterthur imam upheld. ... d/44585510

Islam and the Koran - The Insane Political Movement designed to destroy all religions, human rights, and freedoms.

Democrat Supporters of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Ill Ham Omar, Ratched Talib, and the other Traitors in office in Washinton, DC that love Islam and hate the Constitution of the United States.

Just how bad is Islamic Law ?

Should young girls really be beaten if they don't cover all of their head and body or be hanged if they are raped ?

“Everybody is shocked at the decision to allow this man to preach at the mosques,” said Saad al-Zunt, the head of the Strategic Studies Centre, a local think-tank. “These people [the Salafists] have invented a new religion that is totally foreign to the tolerant nature of the people of Egypt.”

Salafists adhere to a strict version of Islam. They do not believe in women’s rights and call for women to be clothed from head to toe. The Salafists adopt a hostile stance towards non-Muslims, saying they are not full citizens. They order followers not to congratulate Christians on their religious occasions.

Borhami is notorious for many controversial edicts. He once said that a husband, who runs for his life, leaving his wife behind to be raped, is not a sinner. Another time, he said Mother’s Day is only celebrated by “infidels.”

There were also rumours of an unfolding alliance between the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi government and the Salafists with the aim of choking the Muslim Brotherhood. Although the Radical Islamic Terrorist group that includes the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas, and CAIR has the same Horribly Racist and Biased beliefs as the loony, Terrorist supporting, radical sunni Iman Borhami.

The authorities disbanded the Muslim Brotherhood’s party in 2014 and seized the group’s assets. However, the August 4 attack suggests the Brotherhood is a danger, even though the group might be dismantled at the organisational level, analysts said.

For the Muslim Brotherhood like the United States Hate Group, the Democrat Party's Criminal ACORN group in the United States, when it ran afoul of the law, splintered into a huge network of smaller criminal groups working together with connections on the Internet in private.

Sisi has been cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood since he became president in 2014 after the Brotherhood was implicated in terrorist attacks. An August 4 bombing outside the main cancer hospital in Cairo, in which 20 people died, was blamed on a Brotherhood militia. ... ates-egypt

Afghan Mullah Leading Stoning Inquiry Condones Practice.

KABUL, Afghanistan — After men believed to be Taliban fighters forced a 19-year-old named Rukhshana into a freshly dug pit and methodically stoned her to death for adultery, a video of the killing surfaced on the Internet and incited outrage.

What is adultry by a child or woman in Islam ?

Reporting you have been raped.

Mulah “It is necessary to protect and safeguard the honor of women in society, as it was done in the past during the time of the prophet.” Well unless they report they have been raped by a Muslim. ... ctice.html

Iran - woman hanged for defending herself during rape.

Welcome to the nations with Islamic Law.

According to International Liberty Association, a woman who defended herself against rape was hanged this week in Iran. ... inst-rape/

Witch beheaded in Saudi Arabia. ... index.html

Saudi Arabia - Man with books on Witchcraft beheaded. The man, Muree bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri, was found in possession of books and talismans, SPA said.

Children killed by the State in Iran for not following Islamic Law. ... ional-law/

Iran hangs Drunks. ... r-hooters/

CNN reported that thirty people convicted of drug and other criminal charges where slated to be hanged on Sunday, Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported Saturday. The Iranian judiciary’s statement said that all 30 were convicted of crimes including murder, murder in commission of a crime, disturbing public safety and security, being a public nuisance while drunk, and being involved in illegal relationships — relationships between men and women who are not married to each other.

Is it worse to be hanged for being a Drunk or for being raped ?

The loonies of BDS, AOC, Socialism, Communism, Nazis, Antifa, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas, Hezbollah, CAIR, and the Democrat Hate Group want to destroy Israel and hate Christians, Veterans, Buddists, and everyone else against their Poltical Movement of Islam and their plan for One World Government. ... admits_he/

C'est une vie de pirate pour moi. Buvez mes cœurs. Yo ho !
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