The Unsafe Drinking Water Apocalypse.

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Re: The Unsafe Drinking Water Apocalypse.

Postby DiannaDark » Sat 9. May 2020, 16:40

Water Problems South America. A B C

If WHO, the United Nations, or our AMA don't know the source of all the water problems in our world they are as Criminally Insane as our politicians, the horribly rich, and the owners of our Media.

Politicians, the world banks, huge industry, and the horribly rich are the source of all the water problems.

Our loony politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi have helped cause the water and pollution problems, they have caused most of the problems in the Middle East, Africa, the nations that were the U.S.S.R, the Middle East, Europe, Canada, the EU, and every where else by working with the lunatic criminals of our FBI, CIA, and Pentagon.

Who would have known?

All the water problems are only about money and crooked politicians, like the problems in everything else. Socialist Democrats in the United States are the face of evil in today's world.

The Water Problem in South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States is always only about crooked politicians and money.

Sleeping as the world goes to hell in a handbasket.

It's buisness as usual for the money grubbing asshole politicians in Washington, DC, huge industry, and our damn media.

George Soros and his NGO's, foreign banks, and froeign industry are involved in every problem. ... l-america/

Look at our CIA, FBI, our damn media and politicians, George Soros and his NGO's, the EU, and the United Nations in the way a sane person would.

The horribly rich, the Democrats, Illegal Imigrants, the United Nations, George Soros and his NGO's, the EU, the Sex Trade, Drug Smuggling, our CIA and Federal Agencies, and Organized Crime.

For a Society that has evolved so far we have done a horrible job of policing our world or of giving the world clean water.

Huge Corporations and Bad Water in South America ... erica.html

Why the Hell don't they have good drinking water in South America ?

Crooked Politicians, huge corporations, and the horribly rich.

Charles Fishman, an expert on water and the author of The Big Thirst, a book on drinking-water problems around the world, moved to Mexico City from New York. He and many of his neighbors in the upper-middle-class Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City have running water. But, he said in an interview, “no one drinks the tap water, even the people in the barrios, the slums.”

Fishman said that in Mexico City, the pipes that carry drinking water and sewage were laid long ago underground in a single trench, side by side. The pipes have become corroded and sewage and drinking water intermingle. “The water in Mexico City comes out of the treatment plants clean,” he said, “but it becomes undrinkable.” The same thing happens in Africa and other parts of the world. The water is clean when it leaves the treatment plant in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, officials say. But a short distance from the plant, residents say, the water turns foul and must be boiled. Some of the poorest people in Africa and in Latin America survive on a few dollars a day. They often choose not to spend money on fuel to boil drinking water. Some people develop immunities to the things in the water. But many are routinely sick. ... in-america

Most of these companies are local subsidiaries of the three largest multinational water service companies—Suez and Vivendi of France, and RWE-Thames Water of Germany (the “Big-3”). A decade ago, the Big-3 serviced only 51 million people in just 12 countries. Together, the three now deliver water and wastewater services to almost 300 million customers in over 130 countries. Suez and Vivendi control over 70% of the existing water service market worldwide. Their revenues have kept pace with their growth. Vivendi, for example, earned over $12 billion in 2002 compared with just $5 billion a decade ago. All three are ranked among the wealthiest 100 corporations in the world with combined annual revenues in 2002 of almost $160 billion and an annual growth rate of 10%, outpacing many of the national economies in which they operate.

Often, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) facilitate the aggressive entry of these companies into Latin American markets. Both Suez and Vivendi use their considerable clout among multilateral lenders to make private water delivery a “condition” for debt relief or new loans. According to Public Citizen, the IDB alone holds about $58 billion of debt in the region, giving it tremendous power to impose water privatization on desperate municipalities. The IDB’s current projects have slated more than $1 billion in funding for privatized water and sanitation services. In fact, some of the largest IDB loans of the last decade went directly to transnational water companies for the operation of private water concessions in countries like Argentina, Bolivia and Honduras.

Socialist Democrats in the United States are the face of evil in today's world.

An influx of private, for-profit corporations into the region over the last decade has exacerbated the problems of scarcity, urbanization, pollution and inequitable access. Private water companies, determined to take advantage of Latin America’s water crisis, are operating or planning to operate in most countries of the region, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Huge Corporations are great at making money, not so great at providing anything useful.

Bad Water amd Disease.

Poor water quality and sanitation methods can be detrimental to human health and can cause water related infections and diseases.

For instance, in 1991, Peru was hit with a cholera epidemic. Cholera, which is a water borne illness, spread rapidly throughout the country.

Raw waste and sewage that contained cholera was discharged into surrounding water systems. Rural people used this contaminated water not only as drinking water, but also to irrigate their crops.

In addition to using the most water, the agricultural sector is also one of the biggest polluters. Pollution sources include pesticides (for example DDT and Gramoxon which are used in El Salvador but banned in many other countries), untreated domestic and industrial waste disposal and fecal bacteria contamination. One study estimated that about 90 percent of the surface water is polluted and only 2 percent is acceptable for drinking, irrigation or recreational use. Due to the lack of treatment systems in some areas, there are no regulations for dumping wastewater from industry, agriculture and urban sewage into lakes and rivers.


Food and waterborne diseases are the number one cause of illness to travelers and are very common in Temperate South America. Traveler's diarrhea is the most frequent health problem for travelers. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites which are found universally throughout the region.
Transmission is most often through contaminated food or water. Infections cause diarrhea and vomiting (typhoid fever, cholera, and parasites), liver damage (hepatitis), or muscle paralysis (polio).


Risk: A recent epidemic of cholera has swept through the entire Tropical South American area. The majority of cases have been reported from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico. Cholera has been reported in coastal cities and inland areas of most of these countries. Cholera has also been reported in Cuzco in Peru and in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Other countries to report cases include Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Suriname, and Venezuela. Bolivia has reported cases from the departments of Oruro and La Paz. Cholera has been reported from five states in Brazil: Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Rondonia, Amapa, and Para. Several municipalities near the mouth of the Amazon River have been affected. Cholera cases were first recognized in Peru in the last week of January 1991. Cholera has been reported in a small number of U.S. residents traveling to Peru and Ecuador. The risk of infection to the U. S. traveler is very low, especially those that are following the usual tourist itineraries and staying in standard accommodations. Travelers should consider the vaccine if they have any problems with their stomach, such as anti-acid therapy, ulcers, or if they will be living in less than sanitary conditions in areas of high cholera activity.

Prevention: Travelers to cholera infected areas should follow the standard food and water precautions of eating only thoroughly cooked food, peeling their own fruit, and drinking either boiled water, bottled carbonated water, or bottled carbonated soft drinks. Persons with severe cases respond well to simple fluid and electrolyte-replacement therapy, but medical attention must be sought quickly when cholera is suspected. The available vaccine is only 50% effective in reducing the illness, and is not recommended routinely for travelers.


Risk: Travelers to Tropical South America are at risk for typhoid fever, especially when traveling to smaller cities, villages, or rural areas. Typhoid fever is more common in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, and Peru.

Prevention: By drinking only bottled or boiled water and eating only thoroughly cooked food, a traveler lowers the risk of infection. Currently available vaccines have been shown to protect 70- 90% of the recipients. Therefore, even vaccinated travelers should be cautious in selecting their food and water. Two available vaccines provide equivalent protection against typhoid fever- oral and injectable.

Recommendations: CDC recommends a typhoid vaccination for those travelers who are going off the usual tourist itineraries, traveling to smaller cities and rural areas, or staying long term, that is, a traveler for six weeks or more. Typhoid vaccination is not required for international travel.


Risk: Travelers are at high risk for Hepatitis A, especially if travel plans include visiting rural areas and extensive travel in the countryside, frequent close contact with local persons, or eating in settings of poor sanitation. A study has shown that many cases of travel-related hepatitis A occur in travelers to developing countries with "standard" itineraries, accommodations, and food consumption behaviors.

Prevention: The virus is inactivated by boiling or cooking to 85 degrees centigrade for one minute, therefore eating thoroughly cooked foods and drinking only treated water serve as general precautions. Havrix, the hepatitis A vaccine currently licensed for use in the U.S., or immune globulin (IG) is recommended before travel for persons 2 years of age orolder. Hepatitis A vaccine is preferred for persons who plan to travel repeatedly or reside for long periods of time in intermediate or high risk areas.

Recommendations: CDC recommends hepatitis A vaccine or IG for protection against hepatitis A. Immune globulin should be used for travelers < 2 years of age. Immune globulin is recommended for persons of all ages who desire only short term protection. ... SKCN115291

Sewage, the water villain

One third of Latin American and Caribbean water is polluted due to the lack of sewage treatment. The region produces 160 million tons of waste per year, which is equivalent to 12% of all the waste produced around the world. According to UN Environment, this amount will double by 2025. Water pollution is a real threat to public health, food security, and economy; it also increases inequalities and affects mostly the poor, women, and children.

The study carried out by Instituto Trata Brasil claims that the provision of sanitation to all would yearly save 27.3 million reals to public coffers, related only to hospitalizations for diseases caused by poor quality water. This research indicated that there were 340 thousand notified hospitalizations for gastrointestinal diseases in 2013. More than 170 thousand of them were children younger than 14 years old. ... ican-water ... ions-risk/ ... SAmer.html

The horribly rich, foreign banks, and huge corporations are great at making money and useless at doing anything else.

It is only about Greed and Money.

Our government needs to stop marching in step with the monsters in the CIA.

Socialists, Terrorists, Religious and Political Leaders, our criminal FBI and CIA and the March to One World Order with the United Nations, the EU, and other criminal lunatic Assholes.

The Bush's, the Clinton's, and finally Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, lies, crime, Treason, supporting and financing Terrorism, our Pentagon, CIA, and army interfering all over the world and war since the 1950's.

Our Politicians don't want Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, Eric Holder, or Hilary Clinton Arrested for Treason because all of them, our CIA, and our FBI is as guilty as anyone else for the abuse of Human Rights and Freedoms, violations of our Law, our Bill of Rights inside the United States and over seas, and our Terrorism and War across the Middle East, South America, Africa, and the nations that were the U.S.S.R.

Socialist Democrats in the United States are the face of evil in today's world. ... caribbean/


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Re: The Unsafe Drinking Water Apocalypse.

Postby DiannaDark » Sat 9. May 2020, 16:52

Surprise !

It is only for the money.

Our FDA, AMA, and the Huge Drug Industry are killing us and our kids.

Is it worth it to home school your kids to get them off the drugs?

There is nothing our Media, Politicians, or Facebook hates worse than someone trying to save lives.

The United States is poisoning our kids and us with it's FDA approved Toxic Drugs and keeping the healing herb Cannabis from us.

The FDA's poison. Addictive, toxic, expensive, mind altering drugs and the kids in America. There is nothing our Media, Politicians, or Facebook hates worse than someone trying to save lives.


Cannabis never was a Dangerous Drug, our AMA, FDA, politicians, and Media still lie to us every day. ... diagnoses/

Ask your grandpa how many kids had ADHD and were hooked on toxic prescription medication when he was in school.

Do a little research and find out exactly how much your friendly neighborhood school gets for each kid hooked on a mind changing drug for their alleged ADHD, depression, or whatever psychiatrist's imaginary mental condition.

Schools are driving the addiction of our kids for money.

For instance, a child in Kentucky is three times as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as a child in Nevada. And a child in Louisiana is five times as likely to take medication for ADHD as a child in Nevada. Most of the states with the highest rates of diagnosis and prescriptions for medication are in the South, with some in the Midwest; most of the states with the lowest rates are in the West or Northeast.

The truth is nasty and horrible.

Come on, guys, it is not Rocket Science, it is just Chemistry.

Every thing our FDA, AMA, and parasite politicians do is only for the money.

Why could the Opioids be approved by the FDA and abortions be made legal ?

Because the value of Human Life was removed from the Hippocratic Oath.

Modern Medicine has taken this line completely out of the Hippocratic Oath for the liberals and the huge Drug Industry. Democrats have no respect for human life, morals, or our Constitution.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art. "

They had to destroy that sentence in our Hippocratic Oath before the FDA could approve toxins like the Opioids or Planned Parenthood could start aborting babies and Late Term up until the Day of Birth Abortions, you know, hatchet murdering a living baby and cutting it up to sell for parts.

Abortion is still murder even if the criminals of the Medical Community choose to rewrite the Hippocratic Oath for profit.

The Beginning of lobotomy's.

In 1935, Portuguese neurologist Antonio Egas Moniz performed a brain operation he called “leucotomy” in a Lisbon hospital. This was the first-ever modern leucotomy to treat mental illness, which involved drilling holes in his patient’s skull to access the brain. For this work, Moniz received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1949.

The idea that mental health could be improved by psychosurgery originated from Swiss neurologist Gottlieb Burckhardt. He operated on six patients with schizophrenia and reported a 50 percent success rate, meaning the patients appeared to calm down. Interestingly, Burckhardt’s colleagues harshly criticized his work at the time.

One of the youngest patients was a 12-year-old boy! NPR interviewed Howard Dully in 2006 at the age of 56. At the time, he was working as a bus driver.

The reason for Dully’s lobotomy?

His stepmother, Lou, said Dully was defiant, daydreamed and even objected to going to bed. If this sounds like a typical 12-year-old boy, that’s because he was.

According to Dully’s father, Lou took her stepson to several doctors, who said there was nothing wrong with Dully, and he was just “a normal boy.”

Fact, evidence from nationally representative surveys of youth in the U.S. challenges recent concerns regarding widespread over medication and misuse of medications, at least in adolescents.

Modern Medicine has taken this line completely out of the Hippocratic Oath for the liberals and the huge Drug Industry.

" I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art. "

Abortion is still murder even if the criminals of the Medical Community choose to rewrite the Hippocratic Oath for profit.

Let's say our leaders in Washington gave a little thought to something other than all the money they would get from the horribly rich making millions or billions each year from the products that are directly in competition of products that can be made with the healing herb cannibas or hemp when they listed cannabis as a Dangerous Drug and Destroyed the Hemp Industry, or as they continue to list the healing herb cannibas as a dangerous drug.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Who spends millions of dollars each year to keep cannabis listed as a dangerous drug ?

The huge prison industry, the drug industry, the alcohol industry, and the tobacco industry and their lobbyists - lobbyists are still bribery in a suit.

All we get from our AMA, FDA, and the Media is lies, like in the 1930's.

Damn Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, our FBI, our CIA, and our other Damn Federal Agencies, Democrats, the Atheist, Terrorist supporting, evil Pope, our parasite Politicians in Washington, DC, our liberal Asshole Federal Judges and Supreme Court Judges, and our liberal liars in the Media.

The FDA approved Prescription Drugs are poisons.

Opiods and practically all the drugs approved by our FDA are toxins. In the books describing them you see things like Idlh, LD50, and LDLo which our crazy politicians and obviously the guys working for the FDA don't understand.
Idlh means Immediate Danger to Life and Health.
LDLo - Lethal dose low is the lowest administered dose of a material capable of killing a
specified test species.
LD50 - The dose required to produce the death in 50 percent of the exposed species within a
specified time. The LD50 dose is usually expressed as milligrams or grams of material per
kilogram of animal body weight (mg/kg or g/kg).
Our professionals are not warning their patients that nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, various other prescribed and over the counter drugs and herbs, and in some cases fruits and vegetables will cause various side effects and dangers if used with those FDA approved Toxic Drugs.

I guess once they tossed that line out it was perfectlly ok to withhold the healing herb Cannibas and give Opiods and other drugs that can kill you or your baby. They should replace the line with, " Sometimes you just want to kill someone. ", that way everyone would know there have been changes.

When the governments of our world said, " Never Again ", they didn't mean it.

To do no further harm.

Everyone who has studied Medicine and works for the United States Government in any capacity violates the Hippocratic Oath. ... o-schools/

In Chicago, Hollywood, Washington, DC, and for the Drug Industry, it is only about the money.

That is why my channel is banned on Youtube and why Facebook keeps blocking me from posting in groups and totally blocking me for 30 days at a time.

The Treason and lies of our CIA, our Alphabet Soup Federal Agencies, our Federal Judges, and the parasites of our Senate and House in Washington, DC is only one story. ... 98386.html

In Chicago, Hollywood, New York, Las Vegas, and Washington, DC it is always about the money.

Is there any way to stop the lies and corruption in the Media and in our Government ?

How long has our Government, our Federal Agencies, our Politicians, and our Media been telling lies ?

It is only about the money.

Alethephobia Derivation: Phobia's (fears) are derived from the ancient Greek. "aletheia" is ancient Greek for "truth".

Back in 2009, President Barack Obama gave a monumental speech in Cairo where he sought to create a bridge to establish better relations with the Islamic world, and showed the world he loved hate and Muslims more than he loved the United States, our Constitution, Human Rights, and Freedom.

Why do the teachers and schools want the kids all on drugs ?

But a diagnosis of ADHD could be worth, to a school district, perhaps as much as an extra $1,000 or more per child, as long as that child is at least two years below grade level. The school district might spend much more than that giving the child “special services,” but that is simply an argument between different departments.

It is hard to find anything right, legal, or in the interest of the people of the United States done by our Supreme Court, our Federal Agencies, or our Senate and House in Washington, DC when they are cooperating with a corrupt Administration.

It is not rocket science, it is just science. Our EPA, FDA, Media, and politicians lie to us, every day. Our CIA, FBI, and our other alphabet soup federal agencies are horribly corrupt and only pay attention to money. Five huge corporations control our media and Social Media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Yahoo are very prejudiced against Christians and Conservatives.

Lobbyists and Politicians lie, it is what they do. The Drug Corporations and Monsanto are poisoning our world.

The Truth is worse than a sharp sick in the eye to our Media, our Politicians, and our Drug Manufacturers.

Doping the kids, they didn't do this when your mom and dad were in school.

According to research published this month in the American Sociological Review, middle and high school students are 30 percent more likely to have a prescription filled for stimulant medication during the school year than they are during the summer. However, these rates aren’t uniform across class or location. Students from higher-income families, and students who live in states whose governments more closely monitor school performance, are more likely to only take medication when school is in session. ... 98386.html ... osion.html ... index.html ... ated.shtml

The huge drug companies want adults to be use to taking drugs all the time.

If psychiatrists, parents, schools, or drug companies are not the culprit, who is?

The answer is potentially more complicated and more worrisome. Is it possible that the increased use of medication is not the problem but a symptom?

What if more children were struggling with severe psychiatric problems and actually the problem was not over-treatment but increased need? Surely, if we discovered more children were being treated for diabetes or immune problems, we wouldn’t blame the providers or the parents. We’d be asking what drives the increase in incidence. And, there actually are large increases in the incidence of Type I diabetes and food allergies

If the healing herb cannabis is not your drug, instead of some toxic, addictive, mind altering, expensive Prescription Drug, you are being lied to by our FDA, Doctors, our AMA, our Politicians, and our media.

There is nothing our Media, Politicians, or Facebook hates worse than someone trying to save lives. ... tment-flat


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