What is important ?

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What is important ?

Postby DiannaDark » Tue 14. Apr 2020, 18:03

What is important in this world ?

To you or to me or to the lunatic Politicians and Religious Leaders ?

American by Birth, Southern through the Grace of the Living God.

If you follow my path, you follow the foot prints of a Warrior on the Spirit Trail.

I know my path.

Friends and Family.
People are the most important thing on the earth.
Everyone else.
Whatever else there is.

Where are politicians and lawyers on this list ? Somewhere under mosquitoes, ticks, flies, killer bees, snakes, scorpions, piss ants, mold, and germs.

Death before dishonor.

I would rather die then not be free.

But here, in Days of Evil, in this lost world, I am a Pirate, by preference and by profession, The Gods Bless Our Battles.


C'est une vie de pirate pour moi. Buvez mes cœurs. Yo ho !

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