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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 8. May 2020, 22:47

Got too much time on your hands ?

Find some music.

Once in a lifetime.

Burning down the house.

Whip it.

Can't get no.

That's good.

Big mess. ... jZ&index=8


end of the year


can't get enough

Boys And Girls

love machine

bang bang bang

black magic

love me


evil, like me

price tag

I feel love

on the radio

knock on wood

no no no no no


wanna be with you


where is the love

roller girl

Perfect People Got to Go.


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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Tue 12. May 2020, 01:59

Police Robots.

Laws exist to keep society functioning and moving forward, and you can make the case that during a pandemic, they're more important than ever. In the US, while we've been very heavily advised not to go wandering around and breathing too close to other people, the police have been able to get away with a largely-casual attitude encouraging people to maintain some social distance. Not so in Singapore. Behold - Police Robots say, "You have been busted. You are not using proper Social Distancing as Required by the State."

That's "Spot," a version of the Boston Dynamics "dog" that's out patrolling local parks now. Singapore handled COVID-19 pretty well, but after opening some things back up is experiencing a dreaded second wave, so they've got Spot out there playing recorded messages about social distancing. On the surface, it seems like a decent idea -- the fewer humans that have to be out monitoring the population of parks, the less risk of viral spreading there is. ... y-now.html

Pandemic Robots Are Now Patroling Singapore Like A 'Black Mirror' Episode

But watch that video closely and look how afraid everyone except the stupid photographers seems to be. While Spot isn't supposed to be able to recognize faces or actually do anything about the people it "sees" too close together, nobody seems to want to take that risk.

This is in large part because Singaporeans know that there are often seriously undue consequences for even minor crimes in their country. Rarely, if ever, does the punishment fit the crime. This is a country that laid down a ban on chewing gum (exceptions for "medical gum" were eventually made), still uses caning as punishment, and where drug offenses can get you hanged like in the nations with Islamic Law -- yeah, the kind of execution you thought retired alongside actual Westerns.

So if a strange robot patrolling parks is what it takes to keep people safe over there, well, it looks like it's doing its job. But the reason it's so effective is that Singapore has always treated crime harsher than a lot of other places.

There's no flirting your way out of a ticket under normal circumstances in Singapore, and it'd look really silly to try that with a four-legged danger bot and in a Socialist Nation you never know when the Robots are going to be Armed to the Teeth or the Secret Police with Machine Guns are following them or Armed Drones are watching.

So while the rest of the world gets one sci-fi dystopia, citizens of Singapore have gotten a Choose Your Own Adventure option.

Maybe eventually we will find out why Joe Biden Withheld 1 Billion Dollars from Ukraine until they stopped the Investigation of his son Hunter.

Perhaps after that we will find out why the Obama State Department also talked Ukraine from investigation George Soros's involvement in the Regime Change and Money Laundry the International Criminal Democrats ran in Ukraine and their involvemnt with the British Double Agent who worked for the Russians and the Democrat Party as he prepared the Steele Dossier of lies. ... obe-270741

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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Tue 19. May 2020, 16:02

Thank you so much for your comment in "Dead Men Tell no Tales", Pangloss.

Trying to take over the United States Government or have a Regime Change is nothing new to Huge Industry, Organized Crime, the Democrat Party, and the Horribly Rich, all you have to do is look at history.

Nothing is more criminal in our World Today than our CIA, FBI,and the DNC.

Disturbing data: The rich and powerful get their policies adopted, even if opposed by most voters

You won’t be shocked to learn that wealthy people get the policies they want from government more often than those of low or moderate means. Nor will you be surprised that organized special interests — the kinds of groups that send lobbyists to Washington to advance pro-business agendas — have an impact. But, at least if you’ve been watching your old Frank Capra movies, you might think these tendencies can be overcome, or at least partially offset, by the power of the people, the ordinary voter, without whose support no one can reach high office in America.

Even a legislator who sympathizes with or has sold his political soul to the rich and powerful (you might think) has to take into account the policy preferences of the ordinary voter.

You might think that, but according to research by an eminent political scientist presented at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School, you would be wrong.

Whether or not a proposed change in government policy is favored by the majority of Americans “matters not a whit” in leading to the adoption of such policy changes, Princeton professor Martin Gilens has concluded. On the other hand, the support of a proposed policy change by wealthy Americans, or by organized lobbies, matters quite a few whits. ... f-opposed/

The Horribly Rich have taken the Senate and House in Washington, DC.

In terms of types of financial wealth, in 2013 the top one percent of households had 49.8% of all privately held stock, 54.7% of financial securities, and 62.8% of business equity. The top ten percent had 84% to 94% of stocks, bonds, trust funds, and business equity, and almost 80% of non-home real estate. Since financial wealth is what counts as far as the control of income-producing assets, we can say that just 10% of the people own the United States of America; see Table 3 and Figure 2 for the details. The only category which is not skewed severely toward the upper class is debt.

Our Senate and House are full of International Criminal Millionaires and Traitors who don't give a shit about people.

With our CIA and government operating in Regime Change all over the world, it is no surprise the Democrat Party, our CIA, and our FBI conspired for the same thing with leaders from China, Russia, the nations with Islamic Law, and spys and double agents from Ukraine, our CIA, and England. ... ime_change

Damn George Soros, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Democrats, Liberals, and the United Natioms.

They kill witches, don't they ?


In the nations with Islamic Law the punishment for being a homosexual, a witch, or offending Islam is death.

Other than in the nations with Islamic Law where can you be arrested and executed for being a witch, homosexual, or for offending some stupid death cult?

I will give you a hint. No F&(^ing Where.

The Muslims in office in Washington, DC are as bad as the Terrorists of CAIR, the Hamas, the Boko Karam, the Hezobllah, the New Black Panthers, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan, and the ex mayors of London and Chicago.

Once the bodies are buried it is only history or the news, not a conspiracy.

What could the nations with Islamic Law do to make everyone love them, other than stopping their child abuse, stopping their abuse of women, stopping their torture, stopping their arresting everyone who offends their religion, stopping their arresting of homosexuals, witches, or whatever, stopping their arresting anyone drinking alcohol, stopping their financing of Terrorism, ending their complete intolerance of every religion other than Islam, and ending their continual wars against everyone who is not a Muslim or Muslims not in their particular division of Islam, Shia, Sunni, or whatever ?

Maybe they could just play good music on their Radio Stations and post it in the pages their hate groups like the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and the Nation of Islam have on Google +, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and their own Web Sites. Too bad Youtube totally banned my channel there because of my Christian posts. I had a lot of Lists of Music that were really super, oh well maybe they can hire someone with good music tastes. You know, someone who is not preaching Islam and hate.

Why don't vampires like Garlic ?

You have to exist to like Garlic.

Does anyone believe that some people fly around on brooms and may turn you into a frog, or whatever ?

There is no such thing as witches. ... ft/278701/

U.S. prosecutor leading China probe explains effort that led to charges against Harvard chemist.

Our Democrats in the House and Senate in Washington, DC, our Media, and the bosses in our FBI and CIA are not the only liars, International Criminals, and Traitors sold out to Islam and Socialist Nations in the United States. Some of our leading Scientists and College Professors are Traitors, too.

Lieber is the highest profile scientist arrested so far. On 28 January, DOJ announced he is one of three people from Boston facing charges related to China. The other two—a junior cancer researcher at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a former undergraduate student at Boston University (BU)—are both Chinese nationals.

Born and trained in the United States, Lieber is a member of both the U.S. national academies of sciences and medicine. At Harvard since 1991, he has pioneered work on the chemical synthesis of nanowires and their incorporation into devices ranging from transistors to light emitters and sensors. Most recently, his lab developed soft, flexible nanowire nets that could be injected into the brains or retina of animals to unfurl and wrap around neurons, and then eavesdrop on the electrical communication between cells. In 2011, he began a collaboration with Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China that is at the center of his alleged violations. ... rd-chemist

Hilary and Bill's Clinton Foundation was a Tax Evasion and money laundry Scam from the day it started, through the Scam of helping Haiti, through today.

The Democrats', Ukraine's Politicians, George Soros's, and our CIA lies in the Steele Dossier published because of the witch losing her fixed election in 2016 caused the marches, riots, demonstrations, murders, Terrorism, and hate and racism in the United States by the Democrats, Muslims, and their Co-conspirators and the loony Meuller Investigation which only resulted in the arrest of a few typical Political criminals and enemies of a few powerful politicians in the United States, the insane International Criminal Democrats' Scam of an Impeachment of Donald Trump, and the hate and Racism from today's Democrats in office in Washington, DC.

C'est une vie de pirate pour moi. Buvez mes cœurs. Yo ho !
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