Corona Beer Virus Update

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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 10. Apr 2020, 18:37

And then there was none.

China and WHO's Virus cancels appearance in Seattle.

The CIA's Corona Beer Virus Apocalypse refuses to visit Seattle.

I don't want to visit Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Washington, DC, Miami, Atlantic City, or the entire State of California either. I value my life.

Please share this post for educational purposes only.

After the Communist, stumbling, mumbling, wobbling and sometimes falling down wino, junkie, lunatic, criminal, asshole Hilary Clinton lost her fixed election, the Traitor Democrats in office in Washington, DC and our loonies in the liberal media have been the major problems in the United States.

Not one Damn Democrat in 2020. ... 20-xYaPqdo
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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 10. Apr 2020, 20:18

Look for the Newspaper Article - Seattle's Army Built Field Hospital is shut down without treating a single patient, if you are curious.

They called for war, but nobody came.


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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Sat 11. Apr 2020, 16:52

Happy Easter.

Stay at Home.

And don't hold hands with your Girl Friend.

Wow! Does that Huge Notice "EVENT" Pop up every time the Army Comes Back ?

Oh, never mind.

Want a Great Christmas song to look up on Youtube on Easter ?

"Go Go Godzilla", "Unskinny Bop", "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Honky Tonk Women", "You Can Leave Your Hat On", "I Feel Love ","Bang Bang", "Her Strut", Sistar's " Give It To Me"and "Touch my body","The Pointer Sisters -" I'm So Excited" , Janet Jackson - "You Want This","Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", Led Zeppelin -" Whole Lotta Love", Zz top - "Tush". ZZ Top - "Gimme All Your Lovin' Just Can't Get Enough", Shakira - "Hips Don't Lie", Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Cherry Bomb", "Bad Reputation" ,"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "I Hate Myself for Loving You". and of course "Take It Off", "C'Mon", and "Die Young" by Kesha are Great Easter Songs.


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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Sat 11. Apr 2020, 18:41

Corona Beer Virus News Today.

Homeless people in major European cities are increasingly going hungry during the coronavirus pandemic and suffering in the enforcement of the lockdown, with rough sleepers being issued with police fines for being outside.

Slums in the Democratic Sanctuary Cities already hit hard with rape and other crimes, murder, and drugs in the United States and Europe are hardest hit by the Coronavirus. ... cases.html ... s-response

The Horribly Rich and their Sex Rings.

The customers rarely seemed to grasp that the women were captives. They didn’t see the other rooms: the kitchen in the back with the overflowing ashtrays, the overloaded electrical outlets for the rice cookers and frying pans, the washer-dryers and the security cameras. These so-called spas were as tightly run as maximum-security prisons: Without permission, no one got in—or out. Kamchana (her name and nickname have been changed to protect her identity) shared cramped, windowless bedrooms with women from Korea, China, and Thailand, all her belongings crammed into one small rolling suitcase. Every two weeks she was loaded up and moved to another city, another spa, another room that looked just like the one before it. Like so many of the women on the circuit, she was being held until she paid off the debt of tens of thousands of dollars that she had taken on in exchange for passage to the U.S. They had told her she would be working it off in a restaurant, but the job description had changed once she arrived. “It is like sleeping with your husband, that’s all,” Kamchana’s first boss told her. She mostly worked 12-hour shifts, sold by the hour to men of different colors and creeds, rich and poor, grandfathers, husbands, fathers, sons. Sometimes her shifts lasted 24 hours.

The War on Drugs and other Insanity. ... on/403246/

The more things change the more they remain the same - The crime riddled cities of the 1800's and 1900's are the Crime Riddled Cities today - like Miami, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC. ... ts-images/

Welcome to New York City.

In 1969, Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist from Stanford University, ran an interesting field study. He abandoned two cars in two very different places: one in a mostly poor, crime-ridden section of New York City, and the other in a fairly affluent neighborhood of Palo Alto, Calif. Both cars were left without license plates and parked with their hoods up.

After just 10 minutes, passersby in New York City began vandalizing the car. First they stripped it for parts. Then the random destruction began. Windows were smashed. The car was destroyed. But in Palo Alto, the other car remained untouched for more than a week.

Going to a city controlled by Democrats, you may as well go to the EU or Iran if you don't value your life.

The Top 25 most dangerous cites in the United States are ran by Democrat Politicians.

In the United States you are more likely to be killed by Prescription Drugs you doctor gives you than crime and guns, well unless you live in a city controlled by Democrats. ... w-leaders/


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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Sun 12. Apr 2020, 01:00

Come On, Come On, Get Happy. Forget Coronavirus - it is nothing at all.

The Fraud of Psychiatry. - The Industry of Hopelessness and Death.

I have completely forgotten about the Coronavirus Apocalypse - it is not anything to worry about.

Compared to our AMA, FDA, the Huge Drug Corporations, our Politicians, and our Media, Coronavirus is not bad at all.

Watch the Documentary - psychiatry - the industry of death by The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights.

Psychiatry is worse for our world than the Flu and the Coronavirus.

In San Juan, Puerto in 1967 Psychiatrists met to expand the use of Psychiatric Drugs and their profits far into the future.

Psychiatry becomes an Industry of Drug Pushers.

Planning with the Huge Drug Corporations to give the world more and more drugs.

Nathan Klien wrote in the report after the meeting - The present spread of drug use is trivial when you compare it to the chemical substances that will be available for the control of selective aspects of man's life in the year 2000.
Psychiatry and the Huge Drug Corporations spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years for propaganda preaching the new wonder drugs.

By 1970 the American Psychiatric Association was so dependent on Drug Company money, 35 percent of their money came from the Drug Companies Advertising. All this money influenced how they thing. Drugs are good.

Brain Damage is Psychiatry's Miracle Cure., but really Psychiatry heals no one.

In the past few years our field of Psychiatry has killed more Americans than were killed in all of our wars since 1776.

And it is all lies.

They have not healed anyone with their mind altering, toxic, addictive Prescription Drugs for their made up mental Illnesses.

It is only about the money.

It is only about the money.

It is only about the money.

Our AMA, FDA, and Federal Agencies lie for the Huge Drug Corporations.

A study from the National Institution of Mental Health agrees - psychiatry is Fraud.

Our Mental Health Professionals think everyone is mentally ill.

Our Mental Health Professionals create new diseases of the mind with no proof, there is no proof of chemical imbalances.

In the past 20 years the number of people taking their mind altering, toxic, addictive Prescription Drugs for their made up mental Illnesses has increased to 100 Million People. They drug 20 million children in the United States with their mind altering, toxic, addictive Prescription Drugs for their made up mental Illnesses.

It is all Fraud.

Children, women, and men are killed in psychiatric hospitals and at home by their mind altering, toxic, addictive Prescription Drugs for their made up mental Illnesses.

Each year 72 Billion Dollars is spent by Insurance Agencies on psychiatric hospitals, psychiatrists, and by their mind altering, toxic, addictive Prescription Drugs for their made up mental Illnesses.

Little has changed since the days of Mad Houses - Warehouses for people no one wanted out among normal people. Like Today, not a single patient is cured. Shock Therapy, chained, beaten, water torture, drugs, and lobotomys - The Rape of the Soul. Whatever they did in torture like near drownings was called Treatment as their Insanity is today. - This is the Medical Model.

The Father of American Psychiatry - Benjamin Rush - The Master Bleeder.

Pushing the Medical Model of biological problems in the mind - they bled their victims, strapped them down on chairs and dumped cold water on them for hours at a time, sometimes these procedures killed the victim.

The 20 th Century - Psychiatrists began to remove parts of the body as a Medical Model to heal patients. More and more Torture. More and more ways of inflecting torture and death, like today's mass drugging of millions and millions of people.

Redefining man. Leipzig German - the lunatic Professor Wilhelm Wundt states men's thought and personality are nothing more than chemical and biological reactions in the brain. He destroyed the idea of a human soul. Man is only a animal without a soul like a dog. Lunatic Psychiatrists gathered from all over the world to study his Insane data. Freid Nietzsche, "God is dead. We have killed him."

A student of the lunatic Wundt - Ivan Pavlov conducted animal tests to modify behavior through electrical torture.

When a dog would ring a bell Pavlov would know it is time to eat.

Then Pavlov moved to children and conducted his cruel and meaningless tortures and studies on them.

The Lunatic Pavlov's Crazy Experiments became the Basis for Behavioral Studies all over the world.

Behavior Control through drugs, electroshock, and behavioral conditioning.

John Watson the most famous of all the loony Behaviorists - You have to look at humans the way you look at the ox you slaughter, no wonder he is a hero of the psychiatrists.

Harvard 's psychologist B.F. Skinner -All behavior can be modified to fit whatever end the Behaviorist is seeking. The Skinner Box - he isolated his daughter in a box for a year. So the child could respond to stimuli like a rat or chicken in a box. 40 million tax dollars a year goes to these Lunatic's Behaviorist's torture and reward studies. 19 billion dollars in wasted research since 1948. These loonies use Pavlov's crazy behaviorist techniques. One example is aversion therapy in which teens are electroshocked sometimes with surgically implanted electrodes and recieve powerful magnetic pulses through the skull - at a cost of up to 100,000 dollars per patient for this useless torture.

1945 - Gemany's Final Solution for the Jews is discovered.

The men behind the Holocaust. - Eugenics - Psychiatrists came up with Eugenics decades before the Nazi's studies in the Death Camps.

Dr. the Angel of Death Mengele and Margaret Sanger in the United States - the creater of Planned Parenthood.

Francis Galton- Psychologist - came up with Eugenics - the most attractive, healthy, and smartest should have the most children to improve our evolution

A medical solution is to sterilize the ugly, unhealthy, and dumb. This resulted in the sterilization of mentally ill, Eugenics spread to 30 countries through psychiatry.
Forced Sterilization was widely practiced in these countries, including the United States.

Alfred Ploetz, a typical rabid lunatic Eugenic Psychiatrist in Germany and Ernst Rudin another lunatic Psychiatrist - listed "inferior" races and created a agency for racial hygiene - inferiors, weakly, sickly and cripples - through wise legislation on sterilization we can create the best avenues for breeding.

Adolf Hitler was impressed by Eugenic Psychiatrists like Madison Grant and his book The Passing of the Great Race or The Racial Basis of European History.

Adolf Hitler proclaimed that Euogenics is the Science that Rebuild Germany. The Nazis gave the Eugenic Doctors, Scientists, and Psychiatrists a justification for their Genocidal and homicidal desires. The Psychiatrists of Germany joined the SS - Germany's deadly World Police.

Psychiatrists produced "Killing Films" justifying the murder of inferior people - like the propangda films by the loonies in the United States to destroy the Cannabis Industry and the Hemp Industry.

Psychiatrists in Germany gave talks and taught courses in the schools, "Mental illness is a hereditary evil - one of the great dangers to our Nation. It is a mistake to believe such patients feel happy or that they cling onto life. They have no consciousness of existence. Those who suffer mental illness are burdened with the heaviest fate - An existence without life. "

The Nazis and their doctors started with starvation, then lethal injection, and finally the gassing and cremation of millions.

Psychiatrist Ernst Rudin's studies and beliefs gave Nazi Germany the means to jump from Sterilization to murder and Genocide. Code Name T4 - Tiergartenstrasse Psychiatric Headquarters - , first they were only killing the mentally ill, cripples, and the emotional only 70,000 or so undesirables- the beginning of The Final Solution - this killing of people the Nazis didn't like spread across Concentration Camps all across Europe where Germany had control.

Screening in Concentration Camps - Registry Forms - like in the insane asylums - Paul Nitsche Professor of Psychiatry. Ernst Rudin congratulated Adolf Hitler for making his dream of Eugenics come true.

The Doctors and Psychiatrists of the Death Camps were to be put on Trial in Germany in 1046, but the Doctors and Psychiatrists in the United States managed to shift the blame to only a few psychiatrists. Releasing the Monsters into the world The Worst of the Worst - Many of the worst like Dr. Hans Burger- Prinz (SS Military Psychiatrist) - University Clinic Hamburg - Eppendorf 1947-1965 , Dr. Friedrich Mauz (SS T4 Psychiatrist) - Director University of Munster Psychiatric Hospital 1952 -1968, Dr. Werner Catel (SS T4 Psychiatrist) - Professor of Pediatrics - University of Kiel 1954 - 1960, Ernst Rudin, Dr. Werner Heyde (SS T4 Psyciatrist) - Consultant - District Court of Schleswig- Holstein 1950-1959), , Dr. Werner Villinger (SS T4 Psychiatrist) - Director German Sociatry of Psychiatry 1952-1954, Dr. Friedrich Panse ( SS T4 Psychiatrist) - Germany's President Society of Psychiatry 1965- 1966, Dr. Horst Shumann - fled to Ghana - Director Psych Hospital, and Dr. Kurt Pohlisch(Psychiatrist) continued in the Field of Psychiatry after the War, like the horrible monsters from the Death Camps that were moved to the United States by Operation Paperclip - to continue their Fiendish Experiments with Torture and drugs and mind control and other gristly horrors, with them they brought the Biological Weapons Technology they had been working on for the Nazis. These monsters continue to spread Socialism, Eugenics, and Social Conflict.

Psychiatry creates racism.

After World War 2, the same lunatics that had pushed Eugenics before the war created the American Eugenics Society to push Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and other Insanity.

The entire History of Psychiatry is rooted in hate for inferiors and believing some people are different from other people.

Psychiatry still uses conclusions made in the 1700's and 1800's.

Due to the racist lunatic Benjamin Rush, the Father of Modern Psyciatry, who believed Negroes were inferior, psychiatry refuses to change.

Benjamin Rush, "The color and figure of Negroes is derived from what is known as Leprosy." Dr. Samuel Cartwright agreed with the loony Benjamin Rush.

Psychiatric Racism intensified after Slavery was abolished.

The American Journal of Psychiatry printed "The alien ancestors..... of this race were savages or cannibals." Dr. W.M. Bevis Psychiatrist.

The Eugenics Movement of the Psychiatrists was connected to the KKK, if they aren't today.

Harry H. Laughlin - the Director of the Carnegie Institute Eugenics Record Office Cold Spring Harbor, New York 1910 -1939 was well connected in the K.K.K. through the publishing of a book entitled "White America" by Earnest Sevier Cox, a major clan leader. In Eugenical News, Harry Laughlin wrote a glowing review of the book calling Earnest Cox of the K.K.K. "a Greater Savior of his country then George Washington."

South Africa adopted the same Racial Profiling used by Adolf Hitler and his Psychiatrists. Dr Hendrik Verwoerd the Prime Minister of South America had studied Eugenics in Leipzig University in Germany under the Eugenics Lunatics there.

Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd was the Architect of apartheid. Psyciatry and Eugenics gave him the Knowlege to use Genocide to get Power.

Dr. Hendric Verwoerd created huge Concentration Camps labeled Mental Hospitals that were only Slave Labor Camps.

Smith Mitchell and Company operated the Slave Labor Camps.

22,000 patients died by starvation, abuse, and murder, as the Psyciatrists made 90 million dollars.

WHO Issued a Statement on the Slave Labor Camps in South Africa, stating thay Psyciatry had been used to enslave the South African People. These psyciatrists crimes "certainly dows have a parallel in the ownership and trading of slaves."

The W.H.O. Commission statement in Geneva, 1983.

1972 - Los Angeles, California - Dr. Louis "Jolly" West UCLA Psychiatrist continued psychiatry's long history of Racism.

In a new loony Government Funded Behavior Modification study called "Violence Centers"

He planted electrodes in the brains of Negro and Hispanic males. These were to shock them should they exhibit any Violent Behavior.

He also planned to chemically castrate them with drugs.

People found out about these crazy, inhumane experiments and they were stopped.

However, psychiatry continued it's Racism and Hate.

In 1994 a couple of crazy Psychiatrists wrote The Bell Curve.

They used weird charts and graphs to try to prove blacks were genetically disabled and inferior to whites. They had drug up Eugenic Literature from the loonies of the 1700's and 1800's and put a few new terms in there and tried to make a logical argument from old insanity.

Soviet Psychiatry.

In the U.S.S.R. if you were not 100 percent loyal to the State. Someone would call the State and report you. The secret police would pick you up and you would disappear into a Psychiatric Hospital.

The Dissidents printed leaflets telling the truth.

If someone reported you, you were guilty. Boris Kovhar was arrested and burst out laughing in front of a KGB General, naturally a psychiatrist was called.

All these people not loyal to the State suffered from the Disease "Inflexibility of Convictions" - like the psychiatrists in other countries once a person was labeled with a made up disease they could be locked up, medicated, tortured, starved, isolated, drugged, and electroshocked.

The doctor comes around at the rounds. He asks, "How are you?"

How can anyone feel after five vials of Haldol? You drool and it drips to your shirt and the floor. Some muscles are loose and others tighten or twitch.The orderlies beat the patients for fun. If the patient protests the beating, they tie him up and beat him more.

Mikhail Kukobaka. A psychiatrist said, "Michael,. It would have been better if you had killed someone, it would be easier to release you."

Psychiatric Hospitals are the tool of choice for Governments all over the world to deal with their presumed enemies.

1967 -1987 Leningrad Special Psychiatric Hospital, Serbsky Special Psychiatric Hospital, Talgar Special Psychiatric Hospital, Oryol Special Psychiatric Hospital, - 2 million people were Arrested. They were diagnosed as mentally sick - Enemies of the State.

Guantamo Bay, U.S. Naval Base. No one is supervising these lunatic Assholes - Behavioral Scientists and Psychiatrists work with the Military to get answers to questions or just to torture the prisoners.

The Psychiatrists do not reserve the tortures we use on our enemies, they repackage it and label it Treatment and Therapy and sell it to the public.

Brain Damage is Psychiatry's Miracle Cure.

1920's - A new Group of Procedures -

Manfred Sakel Lunatic Psychiatrist - You kill just be bad brain cells.

Pumping people with insulin.

Sakel had a rather high death rate but pointed out the childish state of those that lived through his kill the bad brain cell treatment and called his work a success.

Coma Therapy and Insulin Shots became Big Business.

Dr. Ladislaus Von Meduna, another lunatic Psyciatrist - used Brain Damaging Seizures - This loonies procedures were used in 70 percent of the Hospitals in the United States and in almost every country in the world in a few years.

But soon Dr. Ladislaus Von Meduna and Manfred Sakel's brain damaging drugs were beaten by a process even handier and more destructive to the brain, so good that we still use it today. Electroshock Therapy - It is easy to kill lots of brain cells with Electroshock. The story behind this psychiatry cure begins in a Slaughter House in Rome

1938. Ugo Gerletti another loony Psychiatrist - The Butcher used electricity from a wall circuit through probes attached to the pig to stun him to make it easier to kill him.
After zapping animals Ugo Gerletti saw how nicely this would damage a human brain.

One man's torture is another man's Treatment.

Many patients were returned to their homes and jobs after electroshock therapy.

Having successfully sold creating massive Brain Damage as a Cure, modern Lunatic Psyciatrists searched for new and different ways to destroy parts of the Brain.

Dr. Egas Moniz - Neurologist - tries drilling into a patient's skull and spraying pure alcohol directly into his patient's brain and the Lobotomy was invented.

Dr. Walter J. Freeman Psychiatrist was insane enough to take lobotomies to the next level.

He lifted the eye and stuck a Ice Pick directly into the brain of his patient. Then he raked it back and forth till he was satisfied he had destroyed enough of the brain.

Dr. Walter J. Freeman Psychiatrist traveled around in his "Lobotomobile" hacking into brains and destroying brains and people.

Dr. Walter J. Freeman Psychiatrist performed over 3500 lobotomies before his medical license was revoked. Over 25 percent of his patients were left in a vegetative state by his own admission.

One million people were lobotomized in the 1940's and 1950's and even into the 1960's before someone had enough sense to realize this was a destructive procedure that served no useful purpose.

Psychiatrists invent new Horrible PsycoSurgeries like partial lobotomies they perform today.

Over 50 million dollars a year is still spent on useless psycoSurgeries.

Today's Psychiatrists use pain medications and muscle relaxers and other medications to make Electrochocking today more pleasant for the Witnesses, but the job is still to destroy parts of the Brain using 50 to 400 volts.

Half of the patients receiving electroshock are old and on Government Health Care.

100,000 dead and countless others Brain damaged - 5 Billion Dollars.

Drugging for Profit.

By the 1950's Psychiatrists discovered Thorazine which was used as a toxic chemical to kill parasites in pigs - Thorazine.

Very Dangerous Mind Altering Drugs.

PsycoSurgery with out the mess.

Thorazine was so deadly it caused short term and sometimes long term brain damage.

And of course you know about the Opioids and the mind numbing drugs that cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts pushed by today's psychiatrists.


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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Sun 12. Apr 2020, 20:34

The Cowboy Bandana as a Face Mask.

The Corona Beer Virus Hand Folded Cowboy Bandana for use when ANSI Approved medical-grade masks are not avialable, because almost all the suppliers used are in China.

New CDC recommendations endorse using face masks when in public to help combat Covid-19. As most outlets no longer have inventory of official face mask products, many designs have circulated for DIY versions that you can sew at home.

If you have been to the stores it is harder to find Face Masks than Toilet Paper.

If you live in the South United States you should have many bandana's laying around of various colors.

Red Bandana's work the best especially the Large Size ones.

There are Youtube Videos on line with step by step demonstrations on how to fold the Bandana.

Of course everyone in the United States has seen enough Cowboy movies to know how to Fold them Cowboy Style.

Those needing something quicker (or lacking a sewing machine) have used t-shirts, scarves, and bandanas — shown to be less effective than an N95-rated product, but still much more useful than nothing at all.

Now a new bandana-folding technique is circulating that shows how to whip up a quick mouth-and-nose cover using your favorite rag and two elastic ponytail holders (you could also use rubber bands or shoe laces to hold it in place).

Some people like this style better than the cowboy-bandit tied-in-back approach for a couple reasons: It holds pressure against my mouth and chin better, leaving less potential leakage from happening. And it slips less — the ear bands hold it in place better than a tied knot that constantly slips down toward my neck.

Here’s how to make it.

First, gather your supplies.

Fold bottom of bandana up to the middle.

Fold up to 3/4 mark.

Complete folding so bandana is approximately 1/4 the original width.

Slip an elastic band over one side of the folded bandana. Slide it 1/3 of the way in.

Repeat on the other side, also about 1/3 of the way in.

Fold one side over at the point where the elastic sits.

Open the folded section up to expose its interior.

Slip the elastic bands over your ears and adjust the bandana to cover your nose and mouth.

This is not a medical-grade mask by any means, but if you’re an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19, it can help reduce the spread of the virus. An additional suggestion to add a paper towel to its interior may also increase its capabilities.

There is an official graphic from the CDC, showing the addition of a coffee filter as well. A bounty clean up paper towel will work just as good.

If you are outside and the sun is very bright a large brimed Cowboy hat will go with the bandana very nicely and will keep the sun from damaging your ears and face.

f there is no Hell where Satan tortures those who worked evil all their lives for eternity, there should be for todays' Democrats in the United States, the leaders of the EU, Muslims, the leaders of the United Nations, the bosses at WHO, and the crazy Socialist Politician Pope.


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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Thu 30. Apr 2020, 13:38

The Socialist Media outlets, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google that support One World Government, the Socialists, the EU, the United Nations, and the Democrats and block the news, history, conservatives, Christians, and help block the truth about the International Criminal Democrat Traitors are suffering because of Coronavirus.


They should be completely Shut Down. ... 203544502/

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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 1. May 2020, 15:01

The Democrats didn't think we would ever need Personal Protective Equipment again after the Swine Virus Apocalypse.

The federal government knew about a shortage of protective masks going back to 2009, after the H1N1 virus, but didn’t replenish its supply for the next pandemic, which arrived this year with the highly contagious coronavirus.

H1N1, also known as the swine flu, drew down about 100 million N95 protective respirator masks.

Afterward, an H1N1 task force recommended that the Obama administration replace the masks in the national stockpile, according to reporting by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News.

“If the Obama administration didn’t respond to a request for additional masks, and if they did not communicate that need to the incoming [Trump] administration, that would certainly make the present situation more difficult,” Amy Anderson, a registered nurse and co-founder of the Global Nurse Consultants Alliance, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

The Democrats didn't buy new masks because they don't give a shit about people.

The Obama administration had at least seven years to replenish the stockpile of masks, while the Trump administration had about three. ... -of-masks/

“Certainly the number of depleted masks were not replaced, and we should know why. It’s been a problem across multiple administrations,” Gross told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

Why didn't our politicians in Washington, DC replace the equipment ?

They are dumb as a bag of rocks or don't give a shit about people.

Some years the flu kills 80,000 people in the United States - Do we ever have a Flu Apocalypse Emergency like the Stupid Coronavirus Apocalypse Emergency we suffered through this year because of our Lunatic Politicians in Washington, DC.?

Bad Water in our world kills more people each year than any of the stupid viruses, and on one considers Bad Water an Emergency.

Remember these are the same loonies that have Cannibas listed as a dangerous drug and let the Opioids and other dangerous mind altering, expensive, addictive drugs and medical errors kill more people than the Coronavirus did in the United States this year, every year.

How safe are the opioids?

Prescription opioids used for pain relief are generally safe when taken for a short time and as prescribed by your health care provider. However, people who take opioids are at risk for opioid dependence, addiction, and overdose. These risks increase when opioids are misused.

Considering the fact that opioids and other prescription drugs kill more Americans than suicide, car wrecks, or guns and crime, I can't believe they are very safe, no matter what our FDA, AMA, and doctors say.

These are the loonies who don't believe Nicotine which has been used to kill bugs and people since the 1850's should be poured into vape devices in the equivilant dose of a pack of cigarettes and sucked into the lungs where the neurological toxin nicotine can enter the bloodstream and go directly to it's Target organ, your brain.

Now they keep us from growing and using hemp or cannabis in any manner we choose though it was perfectly legal all over the world for 8,000 years before the loonies in Washington renamed it Marijuana for propangda purposes and listed Cannabis as a Dangerous Drug because their friends in Industry building new synthetic ropes and cloth were in direct competition with the Hemp Industry and because their paper manufactures were in direct competition with the Hemp Industry, and with new drugs ariving on the markets, the Drug Industry was in direct competition with the Cannabis Industry. Those same horribly rich industries and the horribly rich private prison industry spend millions each year and hire hundreds of lobbyists and buy politicians to keep Cannabis listed as a Dangerous Drug.

Does the Government in the United States usually ban toxic or dangerous plants like Tobacco, poison ivy, or Elderberry ?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ... tion-guide

These people are the same loonies who let the lobbyists hold any dangers of smoking or asbestos being made public until the 1970's though they had been known in Europe and England for 100 years. Steve McQueen had to suffer and die from Asbestos and Smoking before the FDA and our doctors in the United States would take notice there was any such thing as Asbestosis or Mesothelioma.

Are Asbestos products completely banned in the United States ?


Lead based paint is still used on buildings, roads, and bridges in 2020 in the United States.

Our government produces tons of documents about lead paint and asbestos, but they are still commonly used every day, like the opioids and other toxic drugs.

Handling Issues for Lead and Asbestos in Bridge Construction.
The United States Government and the State of Texas do not endorse products or
manufacturers. Trade or manufacturers’ names appear herein solely because they
are considered essential to the object of this report.

1.2.2 Paper Overview
In this report, several topics will be discussed that lead to the development of the formal
recommendations. First is a discussion of the state of the industry in lead and asbestos handling
in bridge construction and maintenance. Second is a discussion of the federal regulations
intended to create a better understanding of how those regulations affect TxDOT and TxDOT
activities. Third is a discussion of the data gathered throughout this project. These discussions
culminate in a discussion and explanation of the formal recommendations being made. These
recommendations are a combination of practices for TxDOT to employ as well as
recommendations for future research; all are intended to decrease TxDOT’s liability and increase
worker safety and efficiency. ... 5884-1.pdf

Our FDA, AMA, CDC, and Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC - What a Bunch of winos, junkies, and lunatics!

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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Sat 2. May 2020, 18:09

May 1, 2020 Update

Meanwhile in the United States, the Democrats' Bimbo admits she lied like our International Criminal, Traitor, Socialist, Democrat Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC.

Stormy Daniels admits lying on public statements about affair with Trump

Porn star said that 'they made it sound like I had no choice'

Finally the truth comes out about George Soros's, the EU's, our CIA's, Barack Obama's, Joe Biden's, Nancy Pelosi's, and Hilary Clinton's Steel Document's lies, our corrupt CIA and FBI and their collusion with the Democrats, foreign governments, and foreign citizens and spies, and the Democrat's Bimbo' lies. ... =notify_me

Our CIA says the Coronavirus is not Man Made.

But all we know about the CIA and FBI is they lie and they were Traitors with the damn Democrats in office in Washington, DC.

Remember the stupid Me Too movement, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the marches, the riots, and the Terrorism, Obama's CIA and FBI protection of the International criminal Traitor Democrats with their dealings in Benghazi, Ukraine, China, Iran, and Russia, Obama's Steel Document's lies, the Meuller Witch Hunt, and finally the Kangaroo Court Inquistion of Donald Trump by the Traitors in the House of Represenatives ?

Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Criminal, Traitor Democrats go free again and throw Mickey Cohen under the bus.

Oh, not the Mickey Cohen that ran Miami and Las Vegas Mob, the Democrats and Hilary's lawyer, Mickey Cohen.

The criminal Democrats lied again and Michael Cohen goes to prison.

This is why our CIA and the Democrats hate Wikileaks.

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Re: Corona Beer Virus Update

Postby DiannaDark » Sun 3. May 2020, 23:50

Finally something good from the Coronavirus - Iran, who runs the Hezbollah Terrorist Group, had their annual Hate Fest shut down by the Corona Virus Apocalypse.

Too bad the Demcorat Socialist Hate Group led by loonies like Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Alex Ocasino-Cowfart, Ratched Talib, Ill Ham Omar, and a bunch of other Criminally Insane Traitors are not stopped from spreading their Treason and Hate of the United States, our National Anthem, our laws incluting our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, right to own guns, and Immigration Laws, Veterans, Conservatives, Christians, Jews, Blacks, and other citizens of the United States.

. ... hate-fest/

C'est une vie de pirate pour moi. Buvez mes cœurs. Yo ho !
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