Days of Evil Game Instructions

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Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Thu 4. Dec 2014, 20:25

Look at the White Letters for the Instructions.

Great job.

Hopefully there is enough information here to help the new guys get started.

Add your Banner in forms for people to click on and give you Gold.

You have found the Instructions for the Days of Evil Game.

To see instructions about the Fortress Upgrade please scroll down to my Third Posting.

Someone will always Question the Copywrite status of anything posted. This post is for Educational Purposes with out any remuneration to me. That should satisfy the legal Fair Use Standards of our Copywrite Laws. (That goes for you when you share something from this post or anything you choose to copy from the Internet. Share stuff for Educational Purposes and with out receiving money or gratuities or you will be in trouble.)

Giving access to needed information is what the Internet was made for.

By posting a link to any site you are not stealing Copywrited Information you are giving other people and Idea where to find needed information.

Copying and pasting their information without a link would be technically stealing the information.

Sharing such Information for educational purposes or critique is Fair Use of the Copywrited information as allowed in the United States and other nations.

I know, if you just joined our game you want to know everything about the game right now, I did. Sorry. It's complicated.

When you join our Game, Reaching Level 10 is your Goal.

If you are not in a Guild you are missing half of our game, at Level 10 you can join a Guild.

Until you reach Level 25 reaching Level 25 is your Goal. Doing your Daily and other Quests and Completing Your Successes will help you get to get the points you need to Reach Level 25.

You need to Research all the Army guys and eventually get High Level Warriors with Great Armor, but when you are new, an Orc army would be smart. As soon as I could hire them I created an Army of Dark Elves because they are too cool, that is not a Great Idea. Until you can hire the Best Warriors, any warriors are cool. Except for the Highest Level Warriors that have Unique Gear, any warrior can use any weapon.

If you find Unique Weapons your normal units can not use other than strength requirements, one Warrior can use them. It would be crazy to sell or recycle those Items, although Recycling a High Level Armor, Jewelry, or Weapon does get money and stuff, as I know by experimentation. Normally the more expensive an item is to make, the more gold and stuff you get by Recycling it, However, those Items are worth much more to use or on the Marketplace to sell.


Anytime I mention prices, it is relative - there is always inflation.

Unit price: 0,75 Gold
How many do you want to buy?

Unit price: 2,25 Gold
How many do you want to buy?

Unit price: 1,65 Gold
How many do you want to buy?

Unit price: 1,5 Gold
How many do you want to buy?

You do not want to pay more on the Marketplace for Raw Materials than you can get them from the Troll.

Thank you, Pangloss.

The actual update for the English server next Friday.

So that the server will be lowered from 12.00 up to 14 hours

Instructions start in the [/color] White letters below.

The instructions are really, really long because there is a lot in the Game.

You wouldn't want it to be easy, would you ?

We want our Guild Army Warriors to be Tears of the Sun or Raesheil.

If you don't join a Guild, you are missing half the Game.

If you click the link below you can find out more about the new Upgrade, we get it in June.

I have moved these instructions here, for the New Guys to be able to find them.

Have a Great Day and a Great Year.

Feel free to find DemiFan in the Game and ask Questions.

Days of Evil Instructions (Short Version)

Feel free to copy these and give them to your friends. (Be aware some of the stuff is Copy write Protected. Always include this warning.) - ( This material shared for Educational Purposes with out remuneration as per the Fair Use Clause of the Copy write Laws - with or without express approval of the copy-write holder. )

Read the online help section available in the game.

Join the Days of Evil Forum you find with the online help section. You are here already, you can read it with out joining.

Read the posts in the Forum and ask questions there, especially in the NAP Guild Blackboard in This and That, if you are new.

This set of instructions should always come with a warning that it is too long and too boring to be read all at once, and more my view than truth.

This part also comes with a disclaimer that it is for educational purposes and gave only without a cost, it is not mine.

If you have been here a while, you have seen this, you may have it somewhere.

It is probably too much to read, but nice to print out and toss somewhere for reference, to look through when you are bored to death.

The new and updated and totally boring and possibly misleading Instructions for our Game.

Our Game

Always take your time in the Game.

Scroll down on each page or you miss stuff.

Days of Evil is a new free-to-play browser-based Sci-Fi game combining role-playing, strategy and economy management features.

Set on an unknown planet in the 28th century, it puts players into the shoes of an evil scientist with the will to conquer new territories by setting up an army, building fortresses, researching new technologies and doing war with mighty battle robots.

In addition to the standard game play you would expect for the genre, the game boosts a diverse array of research, construction, and support functions as well as a complex quest system accompanied by a tantalizing player verus player and player verse environment system.


A selfish, unrecognized scientist striving to become a god, you’ve taken an antiquated mech, a victim of neglect and degradation, and upgraded it to the point where it is not only fully functional, but also outfitted with a symmetry jammer that allows you to travel back in time. However, the autocratic reign of the H.A.U.N.T. Corporation on Earth and its efforts to promote a peaceful existence for all mankind has made things a bit hot under the collar. When they sent out troops to stop your intentions, you only manage to escape by a hair’s breadth.

After an uncomfortable travel and an even more painful landing, you have to realize that you’ve not traveled back in time but rather stranded in a parallel world inhabited by mighty dragons amongst others. Paralyzed with fear at first, you decide to make yourself the god and admired ruler of this world starting to take by force the first fortress in sight. Having extinguished the lives of its former owners, you’re prepared to establish your reign of terror in this new world.

Read the online help section available in the game. Join the Days of Evil Forum you find with the online help section. Read the posts in the Forum and ask questions there. See the Fortress over on the top Left, That is the menu bar and Fortress is like the home page, if you get lost, click on Fortress and you are back home. You have probably noticed that Fortress on the left acts like a Menu, it returns you home.

When you first start out you have very few Imps and a little Army.

You need to always have Fuel for your Mech. If the Mech does not have Fuel, you can no longer go on raids. So make sure you have at least 100 units of fuel in your inventory at all times.The Distillery makes the Fuel. A small Distillery is good for a long time.

You can not see the whole game when you first start playing the game.

Now we have Level Restrictions. Now you can not join a Guild until you are Level 10 and there is more of the Game missing when you are new.

Level 2:
Production, trade

Finally you can put your buildings to work.

Level 3:
Arena (pvp)

Now you can do Battles, win or lose at battles, you move closer to getting a bonus.

Level 4:
troll market, inventory

Finally you can sell stuff to the Troll.

You really can't see you inventory till Level 4?

Click Inventory, you see what you have.

Under each item is a bag, box, and magnifying glass.

You click the bag to sell stuff. Click the box to send a contract to another person, Click the magnifying glass to see what other guys sells stuff at.

Level 5:
Quests, imp dealer, Shop, soul dealer

Finally you can see your Quests.

Finally you can buy some Imps.

Level 6:
market place, contracts, Dungeons, research

Finally you can begin to Research stuff, do not research any Mech stuff. Use your resources for something that benefits you now.

Now you can finally sell stuff on the Marketplace.

You should be doing the 1 to 8 hour Raid to get Serfs to make Army guys. To me the Army was very, very important. I wanted 50 guys as soon as I could get them. It does take quite a bit of time.

Level 7:
daily special, maritimers, building/expand buildings

I never have souls to buy from the Daily Special.

I can't save them up, I always sell them for Gold.

You get souls on Dungeon raids, I don't buy them with money.

I have horrible luck at the maritimers, I never get anything useful. You can try it if you wish, I hope your luck is better than mine.

You need 5 each of the buildings that make stones, wood, and water first.

Level 8:
competition, announcement, successes, Trophy case, search player

Don't waste souls to make announcements. We don't have competition on the English Server, I will send you a message about Successes.

Level 9:
beast dealer

Finally you can buy Epics, I have never had enough Souls to buy one of those.

I have bought a couple you can buy with Gold.

Level 10:

Now you can join Hawks!

Level 11:

When you find all the trophys you can enter the Labyrinth, I found them at level 20 I think.

Level 12:

Really, You should be able to enter the thunderdome at level 1. You will see this choice in Battles at Level 12.

Level 13:

Until you can buy stuff, keep every Armor and Weapon you find, you will need them to Equip to Army Units, until you can get better stuff.

It doesn't matter when you can see the Oracle, everything there is too expensive to think about.

But I did manage to buy a couple of things there.

As you level up you do get rewards for Leveling up. Some of them are Super.

In the Game you can click on Help/Forum then Help to see the Original Instructions for the Game - I have found them to be very Helpful, if somewhat limited.

When you are New to the Game:

When you are new, Raw materials are the most important thing in the game.

They remain very important, forever.

Other Items: For those of you thinking ahead that are under level 10 the items you can sell on the troll market are Iron Hammer, Rusty Knightshelm, Steer, Herb, Rage Potion, Stoneskin Potion, Fuel, Ore, Fish, Wood, Stones, Water, Crab, Staff Wise, Healing Potion, Grapes, Two-Handed Axe, Leather, Wheat, Reinforced Wooden Shield, Serrated Dirk, Bronze, Steel, Long shield, Wooden Shield, Sceptor of Archmage, Copper, Goat, Ebony Bow, Blessed Cobalt Shield, Novice Rod, Rusty Sword.

The Troll buys Reinforced Long Shield at 1250, Ebony Bow at 1250, Rusted Helm at 1250, Cobalt Shield 3000, War Helm 3000, Hunting Bow of Tinudai at 3000, Iron Hammer at 3000, and Fenfire at 3000. When you build Items, you can sell them Higher than the Troll will buy them at, but if you price them lots and lots higher it will take longer to sell them. Normally I sell stuff at close to the Troll price.

The Long Wooden Shield cost more to make than it is worth, do not make that item unless you are willing to lose gold.

When you are new, you need to work on the Raw Materials Buildings.

Buildings such as wells, farms, mines, quarries, shacks for fishermen and woodcutters produce basic products required for further processing into valuable objects.

Make 5 wells, 5 woodcutters, 5 quarries as soon, as you can. Try to buy one imp every day. Log on each day to put your imps to work.

You never have enough Gold.

There are 3 places to sell things,

the market, the troll market and the traveling merchant.

Go to Fortress then trade and take a moment to look at each one. When you reach level 10 there are an additional 36 items you can sell at the troll market. If you place stuff for sale at too high a price, it sets there forever and if you do not have a Prime Account, one you pay real money for, it cost you Gold to place items for sale on the Marketplace.


In the arena, players may send their mech and army forces against opposing armies to receive gold and honor points providing access to the elite merchant, who sells exclusive weapons and equipment. A player’s army can enter into up to 10 arena battles each day. To increase the maximum of battles per day, they can refill their army’s ferocity level using souls.

Do not battle guys with millions of points and lots of honor points.

Look at the guys just above you in Battle Ranking with hopefully less total points than you.

If you go to successes and look at the Battles part, you see you get the same reward in overall points for reaching a certain number of losses.


If you never join a Guild, you are missing a lot.

To increase their power and wealth, players have the option to band together into guilds with others. Each guild naturally requires a guild leader and to ensure that he doesn’t acquire too much power, up to 3 guild counselors can be named as well. You are missing a big portion of the game if you do not join a guild.

Guilds are able to build and upgrade their guild headquarters that grants certain benefits, erect a Demon shrine that will bestow unbelievable powers and unleash wicked creatures, and compose a guild army. Through certain portals, foreign worlds and dimensions can be explored to claim unique plunder.


Click on Fortress, that is the Menu Button.

Click on the Shield for Guild and you see this if you are in a Guild.

These are the Black Words under the Icons, when you are in a Guild and you click on the Shield.

Overview Members Base Demon shrine Guild army Challenges Guild inventory Guild rankings Guild trophies Guild shop Administration

Overview is our Main Page, scroll down there

You can click Blackboard

Then you can click Compose Post

Write a message

When you click Send

It takes you to a page which asks you to accept your message or send it back to get edited some more

This is where you can talk to guys in the Game in your Guild.

Click on Members

You can click on the Name of a member, click their picture to give them some Gold

You can Send them a Message

You can look at their Army

Click on Base

You see the Buildings we can Build

We have built the Storeroom.

Click on Demon Shrine

You see what we can buy if one day we are Really, Really, Really Rich

Click on Guild Army

You see our Army

Be smart and don't be impatient like me, wait till you have 50 guys in your Army till you put Units in our Guild Army

( Hawk's Guild, other Guilds will be a bit different). In my Guild, We want you to put BladeMaster or better into our Army. We want you to have 50 guys in your own army before you start thinking about puttiing guys into the Guild Army.

The same in your own army, if you hire Shadowrunners or Forest Druids, you can keep them for a very long time and keep moving forward in the Game.

You can hire a bunch of Orcs, and Research Army Units till you have tons of Gold to Train the Units you really want for your own Army.

If you do Dismiss a Unit from our Guild Army, we want you to Train a Better one, as long as we have 50 or more guys in our Guild Army, don't worry about training a Unit.

What are Epic Units ?

You can buy special Army Units, Epics, from the Beastmaster at the Marketplace, Buy them with Tickets during events, Win them by gambling with souls at the Maritimers, your Guild can buy you one with Guild Honor points, You can get one when you Level up, and You can win one in a Boss Fight,


Click Challenges and you see the Raids and Battles we can do with our Guild Army.

If you click Arena, then scroll down, you can look at the Elite Merchant and see what the Guild can buy there.

Click Guild inventory

You can see what the Guild has.

By opening your inventory then clicking on the Shield under an item, you can donate to the Guild.

Guild rankings

Click here and you can see how we are Ranked against other Guilds.

Guild trophies

You have a Trophy Case, the Guild has a Trophy Case.

Guild shop

Stuff the Guild can buy.


When you become a Counselor, you can Send the Guild Army to Battles or Raids, Buy stuff for the Guild, Build Guild Buildings, Edit our Guild Profile, Change our Picture, Change Guild Settings, Send a Message to all users, and Remove stuff from the Guild Inventory.


Guild Arena

Here, the guilds have the opportunity to send their armies to battle other guilds, with the victors taking not only gold, but also guild honor. In order to avoid putting small guilds at a disadvantage, 20 randomly chosen units from each guild army will participate in each battle.

Guild Honor Merchant

Honor won in the guild arena can be used to buy things from this special honor merchant. Alongside the important raw materials Eternite Stone, Fire Cyclone, and Spherical Dice, the merchant also offers handpicked equipment for military units. The most interesting “merchandise” is the Verdandi, a god-like warrior. Its services can be secured by any individual player for his or her private army, but exclusively in exchange for guild honor.

Territorial Battles

A new world has been discovered in the middle of the sea – a giant archipelago filled with treasures. This archipelago is divided into numerous territories that can be occupied by guilds. Naturally, an occupied territory also has to be protected from new attacks. Every territory has different treasures that can be recovered, and in the interest of game balance, players can only attack a territory with an army of 30 randomly selected units.

Guild Honor

Due to the new PvP options in the game, a new ranking for “Guild Honor” has been introduced, showing which guilds hit the hardest in battle.


( Come up with your own daily routine and stick with it. Start a Raid with your Army and long productions with your Imps right before you go to bed or they will be laying around while you are sleeping. )

You really need to log on and do raids every day.

It is a good idea to hang on to the gear you find in your raids until you can make your own or buy off the marketplace. The potions last forever once you equip them. In the Training Guild if you need Armor or Weapons. Equip each Unit in your Army with Health Potions, Rage Potions, or Stone Skin Potions you will do better in the Dungeons and Raids.)

In the Normal Dungeons is the only place you can find Tickets. Tickets are good for buying Epic Army Units, that is what you should save and use them for.

During a Ticket event, you should be doing Normal Dungeon raids to get Tickets.

Go on raids in the deepest dungeon you are Dark Green in. You find more tickets in the Deeper Dungeons. Keep your Tickets, they sell at 2000 Gold Each or 2500 Gold Each on the Marketplace. They will buy the Gold Coin you need for an Act 3 Quest.

Labyrinth Raid

The labyrinth requires a key which consists of 3 fragments. The later drop during raids, in dungeons and as a reward for boss fights. You will be rewarded with level points every time you visit the Labyrinth. Duration: 5 hours.

As you do Raids you will find Fragments, when you have all three you can do the Labyrinth Raid. Once I can beat the Boss that I do not have enough Honor Points to defeat I will have the third Trophy and I can enter the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth Raids only give points, but you need lots and lots of points to Level up.

I am doing Labyrinth Raids, anyway.

I am 23.3 Million Points from reaching Level 25 and I receive 4.5 Million Points for each raid. I need 5 more. Today I can do 3 or maybe 4 Today and my last one or two I need Tomorrow.


Do not worry about researching any Mech Gear or building an Engineer for a long time, when you are just starting in the game spend your resources somewhere else. Mech stuff is to expensive and time consuming to worry about when you are new, do not even spend gold researching mech gear. (Maybe when you reach level 13 or so) Research Mech equipment only if it is a Quest or Daily. (Level 13 or so is a good place to start Mech Research)

Someday, build the Intruder for your Mech. Your Mech will have to be Equiped with weapon and accessory, I like the Cooling Unit or Shield Generator. Rail Guns are a nice weapon, eventually you need the best weapon you can get for the Mech.

You can equip 2 weapons After you build the Intruder.

You can equip 3 Extras.

The Big Bertha is the Mech Weapon.

AI System V2 is the Extra.


The Gold Coin is the only item you need.

Trade the rest for Souls or Gold at the Competition merchant.

Always compete drop in 1000 items or so, if less than 50 guys enter the competition, you win something.

Items from the Competition other than the Gold Coin I trade for Souls or Wood.



The game features a total of 17 buildings which can be roughly categorized into the following groups, I have mentioned Mech and Raw Materials elsewhere:

The distillery and butchery produce various potions and food buffs to keep the moral of the troops high as well as the fuel for the player’s mech.

The tannery, foundry, woodworker and stonemason process raw materials into trading commodities and provide the smiths with important materials.

Buildings like the temple, the Armour smith, jeweller, etc. produce the equipment the army will need for battle, including weapons, shields, magical rings and potions.

The Jeweller is to expensive to build, forget about it.

This may be all the Buildings you can build, after finding out today you
can have three Stonemason's I can't really be sure.

You need over a Thousand Imps and lots of Large Buildings, eventually.


Armorsmith 1 middle Armors
Armorsmith 2 middle

Armory 1 middle Weapons
Armory 2 small

Butchery 1 large Dried Fish, Crab Patties, Legs of Beef, Stew
Butchery 2 middle

Distillery 1 small Beer, Wine, Hard Alcohol, Fuel
Distillery 2 small

Engineer 1 small Stuff for the Mech.

Farm 1 large - Wheat, Grapes, Herbs, Turnips
Farm 2 large
Farm 3 large -

Fisherman's shack 1 large Fish, Crabs
Fisherman's shack 2 large
Fisherman's shack 3 large
Fisherman's shack 4 large
Fisherman's shack 5 large

Foundry 1 medium Metals
Foundry 2 medium
Foundry 3 small

Mine 1 large Ore, Presious Stones
Mine 2 large
Mine 3 large
Mine 4 large
Mine 5 large

Quarry 1 large stones
Quarry 2 large
Quarry 3 middle
Quarry 4 large
Quarry 5 large

Stock breeding 1 small steer and goats
Stock breeding 2 middle
Stock breeding 3 large

Stonemason 1 small Jars, Statues, and Sculpture
Stonemason2 Under Construction
Stonemasin3 Finally being built

Tannery 1 small Leather and Leather goods
Tannery 2 small
Tannery 3 small

Temple 1 small - Potions

Well 1 large water
Well 2 large
Well 3 large
Well 4 middle
Well 5 large

Woodcutter's hut 1 large wood
Woodcutter's hut 2 large
Woodcutter's hut 3 large
Woodcutter's hut 4 large
Woodcutter's hut 5 large

Wood Workshop middle jewelry and bouls
Wood Workshop middle
wood workshop small

If you want to build Jewelry, you have to Research each piece of Jewelry you are going to build.

Syonite (14/40/10) 150,000 gold + duration 102:46:40; or 100 souls

Starchanger (25/25/25) 250,000 gold + duration 154:10:00

Tear of Blood (90/0/0) 320,000 gold + duration 205:33:20

Rizlaff’s Legacy (30/20/60) 400,000 gold + duration 256:56:40

Aquatun (80/10/40) 420,000 gold + duration 308:20:00

Ornamental necklace (25/100/30) 500,000 gold + duration 359:43:20

Orphanmaker (75/75/50) 500,000 gold + 400:00:00

Phalanx Knot (80/90/80) 650,000 gold + duration 400:00:00; or 100 souls

Serolak Ring (200/75/30) 900,000 gold + duration 400:00:00

Lightbringer (55/190/100) 1,250,000 gold + duration 400:00:00

Wall of energy (175/250/35) 1,600,000 gold + duration 400:00:00


Building an Army

Army Units

The Army is not really the most important thing in the Game, but after you have your buildings built, it is a Great Way to use your time.

When you first start hire the Army Units by can, so you can do the 1 to 8 hour Raid and collect Serfs.

When you get to the Orc, he is your choice give the Orc

one Advanced Training and he will last you quite a while.

The time to replace the Orcs is when you can't move forward in the Game.

Research Units till you find a good choice for you. Until you are rich and making a reasonable amount of Gold, you just want an army of Orcs so you can do Raids and Level up.

If you want a better Unit than the Orc, my choice of the little Units is the Dark Elf.

From all the Units Below the Shadow Runner and the Forest Druid are the ones you can hire that will last you a Really Really long time. Till you are horribly rich, these are the guys you want.

The Battlemage is the choice of a lot of the guys here, until they can afford to train Great Warriors.

The BattleMage is the best all around and affordable Unit, and at only 18,000 Gold a bargain,
35 HP he is cheap to Heal, he not quite as good as the Shadow Runner or Forest Druid, but perfect if you don't
have lots of Gold.

I think for the Gold the Archangel is the best choice of these High Units, the rest are just too expensive.

If you look at my army in 2020 you will see that was my old idea. I really like the High Elves, still.

If you want to see my Army, in the Game, go to Rankings, find me I am at position 17 today in Overall Rankings. Click Fortress - the Menu, Click Rankings - look at Overall Rankings - the First Page.

I know I can not afford them.

210 / 50 / 90
Cost: 150.000 Gold

High Elf
Cost 300,000

It is horribly Expensive to give a High Elf Advanced Training, but once you have one, it is so tempting to turn her into a Monster with one Advanced Training or a Nightmare with 2.

Blade Master
315 / 100 / 95
Cost: 500.000 Gold

100 / 250 / 250
Cost: 800.000 Gold

100 / 450 / 200
Cost: 1.000.000 Gold

Tears of the Sun
450 / 100 / 200
Cost: 1.000.000 Gold

All the Army Units and Epic Units only have Attack, Defense, and HP.

Well other than the Assassin Units for Fortress Battles - They have abilities.

At 90 HP and 95 HP the Archangel and the Blade Master are excellent choices, the Lower HP means they are cheaper
to heal when you Heal your Army after Raids and Battles, with 50 guys, you don't want to choose ones with the Highest HP. If not for the 250 HP, the Wanand would seem like a good choice.

The Raleshil is very expensive, but with 450 Defense is almost indestructible. ( Really Total Points are all that matters, but a High HP makes the Unit Expensive to heal. )

At 450 Attack the Tears of the Sun is a Monster, but her Defense isn't awfully high and at 200 HP,
she is expensive to heal and she is terribly Expensive. If you are horribly rich enough to afford her, she is your choice.

You want to equip your Units with Stone-skin, eventually, they have 65 total points to add to your Army, each.

The Health Potions and Rage Potions are pretty nice, but when your overall points are important, the StoneSkin Potions may make just enough difference to let you do your Quest. (at 65 points each that is 3250 points added with 50 Stoneskin Potions.)

Until you can gather Improved Rage Potions or Equipment for Epic Units, the Stoneskin is your choice.

My Army has fourteen Archangels, eight High Elves, eight Blademasters, seven Dark Elves, five Raleshil, three Tears of the Sun, three Skythes, one Wanand, one Sandrunner, one Fairy Warrior, one Paladin, one Assassin, one Necromancer, one Forest Druid, one Magna Lord, one Shadowrunner, one Occultist, one Bodyguard, one Dragonslayer, and fourteen Epic Units.

My Epics

Lava Scorpion
335 160 170

295 370 135

Medium of the Stepps
530 260 200

425 240 180

885 670 505

Moor Skulker
375 330 230

Earth Demon
317 353 305

Fallen Angel
403 262 305

205 375 270

600 605 250

525 290 395

Master Ritualist
422 508 400

840 1345 835

620 495 200

My Army

I had lots of Dark Elves, not really the best choice for the backbone of your Army until you are horribly rich enough to Train the Unit you want, the Shadowrunner or Forest Druid is a great choice until you are horribly rich.

When I borrow 4 Blade of Lament from my Guild Army Warriors:

Because I can not enter the Second Level of the Heroic Dungeons, the Total Attack to enter the Heroic Dungeons has not changed so much from when it was 94,000 to enter the first Level of the Dungeons. My total is 95,809 Total Points.


Selling Stuff

If you want to sell something, open your Inventory, click the Magnifying Glass, see what other Guys are selling the item at.

If they are selling the item at a lower price than you want, keep it, you can sell it later, many times it is better to sell stuff to the Troll or Traveling Merchant, then it is sold and not setting on the Marketplace.

I always sell things pretty cheap, I want items I place on the Marketplace to sell

Always be aware of the Traveling Merchant or Troll Market Price.

I price stuff to sell, not to lay around and gather dust.

Frosty rune axes x4 - 5000
Ice rods x2 - 3,600
Novice rods x3 - 350
reinforced wodden shields x4 - 550
septers of the archmage x3 - 1400
Helm of the centar x1 - 4000 or keep it
scimitars x4 - 3200
serated dirks x2 - 300
Shortbow x2 - 300
tears of the wind x3 - 3400
two handed axe x1 - 1400
viking helms x2 - 550
wooden shields x3 - 300

If something is purchased by the Troll, like the War Helm for 3000, you can not sell it for much more than that on the Marketplace.

The Traveling Merchant buys Price Items at about twice the porce sold at. or more. the Traveling Merchant buys Beer at 9.49, you can sell it for about 25.
Wine to the Traveling merchant at 13.25 you can sell it at about 25.

Priced do change, use the magnifying glass under the items to see what other guys are charging for the item, ignore the Highest Prices, some of the guys post stuff on the Marketplace as Storage, not to sell.

If you do not have a premium Account, it costs you money to post stuff to the Marketplace. I don't like paying lots to put something on the Markeplace just to be stored there.

Beer 9.49 Gold Merchant 25 sell it at
Wine 13.25 Gold 25
Hard Liguer 13.66 Gold 28
Dried Fish 1.35 Gold
Crab Cake 4.47 Gold I do not make these.
Leg of Beef 11.67 Gold 24
Stew 21.68 Gold 30
Jewelery 19.50 Gold 50
Sculpture 25.10 Gold
Leather Belt 116.02 Gold 123 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant
Leather Belt 116.02 Gold 124 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant

Leather Vest 161.22 175 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant

Statue 15.09 22 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant

Jug 20.50 Gold 25 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant

Stone Plaque 29.27 Gold 35 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant

AK20 1,884.24 2000 I sell these to the Traveling Merchant

The Troll buys

Water .2 sell at .6 I use to sell this all the time, now I need every drop I make.
Stones .6 sell at .8
Wood .44 sell at 1.5 I use to sell this all the time, now I need every wood I make.

Fish .4 sell at .5 I sell lots of these to the Troll.
Ore 2.5 sell at 2.7
Steel 25 30
Blessed Cobalt Shield 3000 sell at 3000
Iron Hammer 3000 3000 (These will sell at 3000, but once you build a Medium Armory, you will need them to build stuff with)
Crab 1.35 1.4 This is the best item to make and sell to the Troll , that may change, watch for the price to drop below 1.3.
Steer 9.25 14
Reinforced wood shield 500
Reinforced ebony bow 1250
Rusted Helm 1250
Ebony Bow 500
Bronze Helm 300
Wooden Shield 300
Long Shield 1500
Rusted Long Sword 500
Viking Helm 500
War Helm 3000 Once you can make these you can sell as many as you build for 3200 and make a profit.
Hunting Bow 3000 I sold many of these at 3000. (Make a dozen and try it.)

You would probably do just as well to keep the Reinforced Wooden Shields, Novice Rods, Shortbows, Two Handed Axes, Wooden Shields, Viking Helms, and Serated Dirks till the Troll will buy them.

When you reach level 10, the Troll buys these more often. You can make lots of these and sell them to the troll. If you post them on the Marketplace, sometimes they set there for a long time. Till you get to level 10, post them on the Marketplace if you get tired of your Inventory being pages and pages long.

Frosty rune axes x4 - 3,600 They should be worth more.
Ice rods - 3,600 maybe 5500 Gold
Novice rods - 350
reinforced wodden shields - 550
septers of the archmage - 1400
Helm of the centar x- 4000 or keep it maybe 4500
scimitars - 3200
serated dirks - 300
Shortbow - 300
tears of the wind - 3400
two handed axe - 1400 (When you have the Large Armory, you will use these to Build Stuff with)
viking helms - 550
wooden shields - 300

If something is purchased by the Troll, like the War Helm for 3000, you can not sell it for much more than that on the Marketplace.

If you have posted some of these to the Marketplace, leave them there, they may sell. Look at the stuff in your inventory, if you click on the magnifying glass under the item, it shows you what other guys have posted the item for sale at.

Look at the weapons posted on the Marketplace.

Firespine and StormWing are cheap enough to buy. The prices on these is between 4000 and 5000 Gold Don't pay any more.

Blackfeather x1 - keep these - normally keep anything you get from the Elite Merchant.

The most expensive Weapons cost a lot to build.

Practically every weapon and armor and jewelry cost more to build than you can sell it for.

Copper is the best thing to make. You can sell copper to the Troll. You can get more for it on the Marketplace, if you are patient.

Time and cost related to what you get for it

If you are going to make metals to sell, you need to work on mines and woodworkers, It takes 5 large woodcutters working all the time to produce enough wood for the Foundry. You will need lots of Ore, too.

I don't sell metals often, usually I am using Metals to build stuff.

Bronze, Steel, and Cobalt you can sell for a higher price on the Marketplace, but then you have to wait.

I build Stones and Fish to sell, they are raw materials so there is not a cost in raw materials to make them. I sell them to the troll.

You can build Goats to sell at 13 and make Gold and Leather to sell at 16 and make Gold.

During the Competition, until you are horribly rich, build 100 or 200 of what the Competition wants you to Donate, toss that in and hope to win a Bronze Coin. Eventually for a Quest in Act 3 you will need a Gold Coin. ( During the Competition whatever the Competition whats should sell well on the Marketplace.

A couple of the Competition Prizes are stuff for the Highest Level Army Units, it costs too much do build the stuff you have to donate to win the best Trophy's right now.

Look at the Oracle.

The things the Oracle wants will sell.

Like War Helms I sell them at about 3200 Gold and Longshields, I sell them at 2600 Gold. You can build Leather Hats, Leather Belts, and Leather Vests to sell. You can sell them at the Traveling Merchant, or post them for a bit more on the Marketplace.

The things at the Oracle other than the + 10 to your Army are not things you need until you are horribly Rich.

The Recycler has proved to be an expensive nothing.



This is the list of the last 200 items you recycled.

No data has been recorded yet.

I haven't used my Recycler in so long it deleted my Recycler information.

I got tired of getting 10 wood, 10 stones, 10 Bronze, and 112 Gold for something that I can sell on the Marketplace for 50,000 Gold.

I am so sorry, I recycled a bunch of Items to make sure I was not telling you wrong.


I recycled 70 or so various items.

I am so sorry, you can get 700 Gold for something that would sell on the Marketplace for 50,000 Gold.

I Started up the Recycler and tossed in another 30 various items.

Still no Elemental.

Should I toss in another hundred for a couple thousand Gold and a few Raw Materials ?

I did.

I tossed in 100 more items for a couple thousand Gold and a few Raw Materials.

I believe if I recycle 150 more items I can get an Elemental.

I was wrong.

It took 370 items through the Recycler to get one Elemental.

Recycling War helmet gave the following result:
1 Elemental fire, 170 Gold, 37 Wood, 14 Stones, 25 Water, 11 Ore, 13 Copper

If you post Guild Building Materials on the Marketplace at a higher price than this they will not sell. Watch them, they have been there forever.

Eternite Stones 50 Gold
Fire Cyclones 250 Gold
Sperical Dice 100 Gold

There are many posted that have been there forever at very high prices, no one is buying them.

Very nice Weapons and Armors should be about 1000 per Total Point, That was true, it is no longer true, When you finally get to where you can do Heroic Dungeons you will find Great Weapons.

For now 250,000 for a Weapon with 180 Total Points, I know, that is more than I want to spend.

200,000 for a shield with 140 Total points.

A 82 Total Point Wall of Belief Shield is worth
82,000 Gold

A 160 Total Point Weapon is worth 160,000 Gold

I know they cost lots more than that to build, you can not build weapons, armors, or Jewelry and sell it, every piece costs a horrible price.


How to win, or reach level 25.


Fortress, that is the Menu Button, it always brings you home.


Successes. The things you see on this page are the 90 Secret Steps you take to be the Best and Highest Ranked Player in the Game, don't tell anyone. This is a secret.


You need do do your Daily Quest each day. I know some of them take things you can't make and you have to beg or borrow or buy them. There are also Story Quests and Boss Quests, you have to do them, too, when you can.


You need to do Daliy Battles, win or lose you are working toward a bonus.


You need to Research stuff for your Mech, but do not do that unless it is a Quest until you are level 12. Use your resources for stuff you need, now.


You Army is one of the Most Important things in the Game, when you are new all Orcs is fine. Research the Army Units as you have Gold, but Train the Expensive Units when you are Rich. Use your Gold For Production.

You need better Units when you Quit making forward progress, Leveling Up. When you have lots and lots of gold you can buy, train , and dismiss the cheapest unit over and over again to get the I have trained lots of Army Units Quest.

When you get to a point where you are not winning and not moving Forward, the Battlemage is a really good overall unit at a reasonable price. Train enough of them to move forward again. Eventually, when you are rich you can Train some horribly expensive Army units. (Really don't tell anyone about this: For the Gold the Archangel is the best choice of the High Units and she is not so terribly expensive to heal. The Blademaster is nice, but he is even more horribly expensive than my favorite the High Elf.)

Warriors Needed to do specific Heroic Dungeons just have one of each of these. sandrunner, dragonslayer, magma lord, fairy warrior, dark elf, archangel, assassin, necromancer, paladin, and wanand.

It would be smart to have one of each of these, before you start doing the Heroic Dungeons. I dismissed some of mine and had to Train new ones.

For my own Army, my choice is the Archangel. I can't keep enough Gold to train a lot of Tears of the Sun, if the Army is the only thing you care about, the Tears of the Sun is your choice.

You can train two High Elves and have gold left over from what a Tears of the Sun costs.

For the same gold one of the Higher units will cost you can Train lots of Archangels.

A dozen and one Archangels with Gold to spare for what two of the one million Gold the best units cost.

I love the Ent Axe, but it is really expensive to build. I have built maybe 8 of them, I will build more, but the Heroic Dungeons are where you can get Weapons and Armors. If you don't miss a day here, the Daily Raffle can get you some Jewerly and Weapons.


Do a Raid each day. The 1 to 8 hour Raid is the important one for little guys, it is where you get your Serfs. You have to Explore all the Dungeons. There are also Labyrinth Dungeons and Heroic Dungeons, worry about them, later. When you are filthy rich and horribly powerful.

You add your Army Attack + Defense + Hp and add that to your Mech Attack + Def and you have your Total Points.

If you know how many Total Points you need to do your Quest, you have an Idea of when you can do it.


Buy and sell stuff to get your Achievements, when you can afford it, you can buy lots of little items and resell them, to gain amount of value in Gold of goods you have sold.


Research is so expensive, research stuff when you are Rich. When you are little, until you are Level 12, Research only Army Units, when you have some Gold, unless you have a Quest to Research something.


You get points by building stuff, big points for building big items.

I have completed 90 Achievements, finally, so it is possible.

You have proven yourself worthy to the Binareth. As thanks your army receives a stone golem as an epic unit.

The Stone Golem is a Monster. I am a happy camper.



- 17 different buildings to produce over 100 different raw materials, weapons, and mech components

- 26 epic army units composed of legendary creatures like phoenix, dragons, elves, orcs, etc. Epic unites such as Moor Skulker, Lava Scorpion, Lindworm, Earth Demon, Fallen Angel, Phoenix, Medium of the Steppes, Templehound, Baradyn, Stone Golem, and Daughter of Rage can be acquired through certain achievements, boss fights or merchants.

_ Army units present the advantage to be retainable and upgradable up to level 3. There are forces like Gladiators, Protectors, Alchemists, Orc Fighters, Fairy Warriors, Sandrunners, Occultists, Shapeshifters, Dragonslayers, Battlemages, Necromancer, Forest Druids, Deathsmen, Magma Lords and many more. (They tell me not to give Advanced Training to little units other than Orcs. I like the Dark Elf with All the Advanced Training they can get, but what do I know, there are Units that have more Attack, Defense, and Horse Power.)

- lots of individualisation, upgrade and research functions

- arena battles for competing against other players

- comprehensive tutorial

- Exciting story mode & daily quests

- Guilds

- Messages

- Forum

- On line Help.

The good points about being in a Guild are when you need stuff for production or quests you have help and you have someone who can answer questions you may have. And when you produce stuff, you can probably sell it to Guild Members and not post it to the Marketplace and wait forever for it to sell.

( Any copyrighted materials presented are used strictly for educational purposes or interpretation. I site the Fair Use Clause of the Copy write Protection Law in the United States. This should be long enough and misleading enough to be a legal disclaimer. I am not liable for anything I post on the internet or I am giving anyone in text or in any other media format for educational purposes and without profit, I have followed the letter of the law in the United States for using copy written materials for training or for criticism without receiving any profit. I checked, other nations have their version of the same regulations. )

I lied, this is now the long version.

Have fun in the Game.

It's a pirate's life for me.

Though they may say they don't remember my asking questions, Rancoor999, GENDY, Redles, Hawk, HenryIII, Anythings from 666, st0rm, Warlock, ionut, and many guys from different Guilds and some guys who have never been in a Guild have here have helped me lots in the Game and gave me valuable hints and instructions, which I stole and put into my instructions.

I have also stolen some stuff from the Instructions DOE has posted, but this is only for training purposes and I receive no gratuities or money. If my computer crashes or I leave the Game or the world ends or whatever, I won't have a copy.

If I am not in the Game, this information is of no use to me.

Thank you so much, guys in the Game and guys in our Guild for your help and your support.

You need to complete the Achievements to get to Level 25.

If you are New to the Game, If you are less than Level 10, today is your Lucky Day.

Talk to DemiFan in the Game, Tell me you are New. I will send you a Gift. To send a message in the game, look for

Post in the upper right.

Click No New Message

Compose Post

to DemiFan

Your message is I am new. You always have to have a subject to send a message, your Subject is New.

Send the Message.

To accept a Gift look for Contracts, just below that.

Click Contract, Scroll down to Accept Contract on the Right, click Accept.

If you want an Avatar other than the ones provided by the Game, you have to be Level 15 and you have to have a Premium Account.

If you have a problem in the Game, you can ask DemiFan in the Game.

If you want Technical Help with the Game, you can post in the Forum in Technical Support.


You may have guessed, the thing about the Free Beer and the Spiderman Decoder Ring and being able to order anything from me was a lie.


It's a Pirate's Life for me.

For the Heroic Dungeons, eventually you will need to think about this.

H1: lvl 15 required + one sandrunner

H2: lvl 18 required + one dragon hunter + one magma lord

H3: lvl 20 required + one fairy warrior + one dark elf + one archangel

H4: lvl 22 required + one assassin + one necromancer + one paladin + one wanand

Hopefully I remembered to put in here you need to do all the Achievements, you go to Fortress then to Successes to see where you are.

I need only four more Achievements.

To reach Level 25, you need lots and lots of points, or you need the Successes.

Quests, do your daily quests

Battle, do your daily battles, wins or losses you move toward an achivement

Mech, research Mech stuff and upgrade your Mech when you can

Army, train the cheapest Army guy, dismiss him, train him again over and over to get the Train Army Guys
Achievements, when you can

Actions, explore the Dungeons

Merchants, buy and sell lots of stuff, make lots of stuff to sell, buy Imps
Research, research defense and battle strageties I know it is horribly expensive
Research all the Army Units
Production - You get points for the stuff you make a few points for little things, lots of points for expensive things

When I research 6 more Defense Strategies I have an Achievement. Then I have 3 left to get my 90 Achievements. I have a few more Achievements in Research, but they are horribly expensive and take a long time to get.

Tactician III

Research 100 defense strategies

5.000 Points, 10.000 Gold


The final 3 will take a long time to get.

Die hard V

Lose 2.500 battles

100.000 Points, 45.000 Gold


Audience favorite V

Win 2.500 battles

100.000 Points, 45.000 Gold


The path III

I could finish Chapter 3 to get an Achievement, but is is going to be horribly hard for me.

End the 3. chapter

500.000 Points, 250.000 Gold

0 /1

Master recruiter V I have the recruit Army guys Achievement left to do, but it is expensive and takes a while.

It is possible to make 500 Million Points and reach Level 25 on points, 2 more Labyrinth Raids, 8 Million Points, and I will have Level 25, I will have it tomorrow.


The current BigPoint Problem

I hope this helps.

Re: cannot acess game via bigpoint
Postby HeathenStar » Fri 2. Jan 2015, 05:51

LoomingDark said

"I think I have a fix - it worked for friend and I....

1. Go to the bigpoint page where it would normally display "your" games.

2. Go to Strategy Games and get the list displayed on the screen that shows several rows of games. Make sure it is the list that has options for Detail & Play now on the right hand side for each game.

3. Scroll down to you see DoE. Click Play now. You should get the DoE screen."

Thank you for this. I have no games in my games list at big(Bug)point and had no clue as to why . The only game I have ever played at that site is DoE.

Does anyone know how I can change my ability to log in directly to the game? I tried and was referred to BP.

You can ask questions of Admin and Monitors here, you can find their names on the first page you hit when you come to the Forum, or go to Updates.

This and That, here, is where you expect to find things not game related.

There are Pages to post suggestions, look at Updates, and request Technical help here on the Forum.

With all Online orders Until the First of the Year, anything Ordered will come with Free Beer and a Free Spiderman Decoder Ring. Sorry, you missed the Free Beer, you still get the Spiderman Decoder Ring.

Because you missed the Free Beer Special, I will give you a picture of me, to hang on your refrigerator or construct a puzzle or dart board with.

You can seek support from Days of Evil


The things posted here are for educational purposes only.

I have Level 25, and the award of One Million Gold and a Daughter of Rage.

My Daughter of Rage adds 2880 total points, with the equipment I gave her.

The second Level of the Heroic Dungeons is no longer Red, it is Yellow.

It will be a while before I enter Level 2 of Heroics.

Light green start at : 99 000 Points My total is 95,809 Total Points. I need at least 3,191 Points atted to my Total, I will have to Train more Tears of the Sun, or wait till I have 4 more Warriror or come up with an Epic Warrior or two.

If you hit Fortress and scroll down you see this.

Several imps have nothing to do! All serfs have been trained!

Dispatch a travelling merchant! Quest completed!

Your army's thirst for blood has not been quenched! Your army is travelling!

You are not researching mech technologies! Feverish research is underway (army)!

I think your luck, or chance to do stuff is improved when many of these are Green.

On mine, usually about half of them are Green now, most of the time, not so much.

That may be why my luck seems to always be bad in the daily Raffle, Gambling with the Maritmers, and completing a Quest that is Light Green.

If you have found something that is horribly Hard, try it with as many of these Green as you can.[/quote]

Regardless of how much in Gold and in Materials it costs to produce a Weapon or Armor, over 250,000 Gold is too much to spend on any of them.

You can ignore any Armor or Weapon posted for sale on the Marketplace for more than 250,000 Gold and not worry about it.

The Items posted at above 500,000 Gold are just ridiculous.

You will have to build a Large Armory and a Large Armorsmith eventually, then if you want you can gather the horribly huge amount of materials and Gold it takes to build stuff and build them yourselves, if you want.


In 6 Days I will have one more Tears of the Sun in my Army, I only have a few more Dark Elves I can Dismiss to hire the Highest Level units.

Yanim's Hoard, the second level of the Heroic Dungeon is finally light green for me.



Should you have nothing at all to do, here is a terribly long set of instructions for the Game.

Information about the BigPoint Problem that is most current is at the very bottom of this post.

Are you brand new to the Game, if you are this is how to give your Army stuff

[color=#FFFFFF]This stuff was moved down from the Top of the Page.

If you click Fortress

that is the menu button

Scroll down on each page you are on or you will miss something.

Click Army

Scroll down and click on one of your Army guys

The game gave me some when I started

You need to scroll down after you click on one of the guys and Equip each with a Weapon, a Armor, and a potion, later you will find some rings and necklaces to equip some of them with.

When you are new, it is not so important, having Imps and Buildings to make Raw Materials is important as soon as the game lets you start building and buying them.

Heal your Army, feed your army, Repair and Fuel your Mech. Do your Battles, Do your Daily Quest, Start a Raid or Dungeon with your Army and long productions with your Imps right before you go to bed or they will be laying around while you are sleeping.

I have some mistakes here about the number of Quests, Researches, and whatever to complete an Achievement, if you are in a Guild, some of the numbers in Successes are really confusing. The Guild Awards add to your Totals but do not count toward you receiving an Achievement.

I believe I fixed the mistakes, but I will leave this up for a while.

What st0rm is talking about, the Guild Award does not count. You have to do the 250 Researches yourself.

Your Fortresses will be expandable - and not without reason! Because the

fortresses of other players can be attacked by you from now on. But don"t worry:

Nobody will lose anything. In stead, you will take on this effort to obtain

several Elementals and other precious things.

You attack the opposing fortresses with a "Meuchelheer" (treacherous, sneaky

army?), which functions completely independent, and does not influence your main

army. Special meuchel-units can be trained for your meuchel-army, which are

included in the update Germany gets it soon, we don't.

April 2015

It is a Game in a Game, if you join a Guild, the Guilds have their own Bases they can build, their own Awards for the Guild and for Members they can Buy with Guild Points and Guild Honor Points, they have their own Armies they can use to battle other Guild Armies or do do Raids.

DemiFan (Hell)
Points: 1.166.328.091

11 th in overall rankings in the Game on the English Server.


it's a pirate's life for me

I have a Fool's Hat.

Thank you guys so much.

If I counted right I have 86 Trophys.

Never remove a Trophy, you can hold lots and lots, the Trophy Case gets bigger and bigger.

I have had a couple of guys ask me about having more than one account on Days of Evil.

You can have One Account on the English Server.

Do not operate more than one account on one Server, all of them but one may be deleted by the Game owner, you can have one Account on each Server. English, German, French, Brazil, and Russia.

8 Obligations of the user

(1) The user agrees to participate, using only one account per game world. The creation or management of multiple accounts in the same game world is not permitted. Any such multiple accounts may be blocked and deleted at any time by BITCOMPOSER at its discretion and without warning.

This is hidden in the small print somewhere.

If they find you are using more than one account registered to one Email Address, they may delete accounts, without contacting you first. If I had more than one account I would move all my stuff to one account and delete the other account, before they noticed I had two and deleted the one I liked best or both of them.

They can see your IP Address when you log on if they check, but you may have multiple Email Addresses at one computer, operated by different users, so I don't know they would use the IP Address as the criteria.
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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 23. Jan 2015, 13:38

Days of Evil is only a Game.

For Construction of the Fortress :

Fortress 13

Fortress Level : 13 (8.000 ATK, 26.000 DEF)
+ 1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 4.000.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Hard liquor 100.000
Cobalt 100.000
Jewelry 100.000
Stews 90.000

Duration: 96 Hours

Fortress 14

Fortress Level : 14 (8.500 ATK 27.500 DEF)
+1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 4.750.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Hard liquor 120.000
Cobalt 120.000
Jewelry 120.000
Stews 100.000

Duration: 104 Hours

You are here to have fun.

Raising through Levels in the Game takes time.

After you have many Large Buildings and over a Thousand Imps, it takes more of your time to put all your guys to work.

Use your resources wisely.

Listen to music when you play.


This post is to move this Thread to the Top in This and That.

It's a pirate's life for me.
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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby Kagen » Fri 23. Jan 2015, 14:57

Wow, Captain, this is a lot of scrolling work^^ lol

I like the ship :D

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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Thu 2. Apr 2015, 04:05

Thank you so much, Kagen.

I am glad you stopped by.

Sorry it was so long, but I did not want to leave anything out.

This is a Great time to be Starting in Our Game.

Labyrinth Raids are a lot easier.

If you are new to the game, message DemiFan in the Game, I will help you get to Level 10 faster so you can join a Guild,

If you have Suggestions to make the Game better, I am sure you can find a place to post the changes you think would help in Opinions and Suggestions.


I would like to see Elementals on the Marketplace, all of them, for about 35,000 Gold or so each.

The System could sell them, like they sell Seeds.

We should have a Genetic Laboratory that builds Seeds at a cost of about 1 Gold Each.

The small Genetic Lab should cost about 60,000 in gold and Materials (total).

The medium upgrade about 105,000 in gold and materials.

The large about 300,000 in gold and materials.

I still want an Ice Manufacturing Plant, the small should cost about 60,000 in gold and Materials (total), like the Genetic Lab.

I would say that if there was a building for Making elementals,

the cost of the Small building should be around 200,000 total in Gold and Materials.

Medium for 500,000 Gold and the Large for a Cool 1 Million.

The Small should make 1 in 3.21 Hours at a cost of 19,126 Gold in Gold and Materials, total.

I would like to see a new weapon which requires 50,000 Ice in it's manufacture, and of course some Weapons Grade Steel, Rage Potions, Steel, Bronze, Copper, and Water. Gefrorenen Blitze Schwertwould be a good name, I want it to cost about 546,765 Gold Total to build, not counting the Ice. I would like for the weapon to only be able to be equipped to Baradeth the Legendary Warrior. the Daughter of Rage, the Medium of the Steppes, the Master Ritualist, the Fallen Angel, the High Elf, the Dark Elf, and the Occultist. I want the weapon to have 240 Attack, 175 Defense, and 50 Hp.

I was mistaken.

I can only do the first dungeon of the Heroic Dungeons.

Now very late in March 2015, I finally enter the Second Level of the Heroic Dungeons.

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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby GYNDE » Thu 2. Apr 2015, 23:30

I certainly remember you asking questions... :)

Glad to have been able to help.

Ch 2 complete - November, 23, 2013 LVL 25 - Deified Ruler of the World - April 10, 2014
Chapter 3 completed - June 25, 2014 - Path to Fame - completed - July 13, 2014
DEMON SHRINE - MORT - May 24, 2015
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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Thu 2. Apr 2015, 23:51

Thank you so much GENDY.

I was totally lost when I started without the help of guys like you I would have gave up on the Game.


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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 8. May 2015, 19:44

The Fortress Upgrade

If you want to know what it takes to Expand each Level of the Fortress, it is at the bottom of this post. Through Level 15.

We have the Fortress Upgrade.

You shouldn't be bored for a while.

When your Fortress is Level 4 you can have 13 Assassins , eventually you can have 30.


You should be Researhing an Assassin, I like the Vanir Princess. I can begin traning a few of her in 2 hours.

You should be building a Fortress and Expanding it.

The Defense Engineer is cheap enough. Research bombs, traps, and saws.

Once your Assassin Army is raiding you will hve the materials to build stuff with the Defense Engineer. Research Bombs, Traps, and Saws.


My Assassin Army on the English Server has 17 guys and their Equipment is lots better than my guys on the German Server.
Tried 3 Assassin Raids on Medium on the English Server, I lost 2 of them.

I need to stay with Easy Assassin Raids for a Long Time.

If you want to do Medium Raids, your amry has to be a lot better than mine.

Attack strength (ATK): 6666 (+ 202)
Defense strength (DEF): 6958 (+ 200)
Total hit points (HP): 3995
Serfs: 2
Army size: 17/17

When you click on Fortress you are on the Main Page.

On the German Server, where the Big picture is at the top of the page is where the link is to build your Fortress.

I will have a Fortress on the German Server in 8 hours.

You build the Fortress and add the first expansion in two steps.

The first step is complete as soon as you click on build Fortress, the next step takes 8 hours.

The first two steps are very cheap and only take a few raw materials.

The language was all in German, I go by the pictures a lot on the French and German Server. I am just guessing the first step was the building of the Fortress and the second was the first expansion.

I don't think you get to build warriors for your Fortress till you have a Fortress.

I expect to Train the New Fortress Warriors on the same Page I build the Fortress on, the main page you hit when you click Fortress on the far Left at the Top of the Page.

In one month we will have the Update on the French and English server.

It is on the German Server now.


Your Fortress Army:
The update, you need Serfs to train to Fortress Army.

You first have to research the defence units before you can train them.
research--> army

5 new defence units, they cost 10.000 gold to research, takes 6 hrs.
To train one it costs 100.000 gold, also takes 6 hrs.

The fortress starts with level 0, and space for 10 defence units
On level 1 it gives 1 extra space for a unit.

A new building for defence extra's like traps and bombs. They are single use, so if they got activated in a defence, then they need to be replaced.
There is a option to switch them on or off. If it is on and activated during a defence, then it will be replaced by itself if you have any in your inventory.

A good defence gives you some loot and honor, like battles.

You don't loose gold or things if you loose, only some honor

On the German Server,

I am researching a Fortress Warrior. You Research them where you do the other Army unit Research.

Researching a Meucheleinheit

75 attack - 45 Def - 30 Hp Ready in 6 hours.

So far the Fortress is pretty Cheap, Researching 5 Warriors will add 50,000 Gold then there will be the Training for 30 new Warriors.

We finally have the Upgrade on the French Server.

In 3 hours I can begin training 10 Vanir Princesses there. 6 hours after that, I can begin Attacking Fortresses there.

Fortress lvl 1 (2 000 atk/8 000 def)

cost 500 Gold
500 Woods/Stones/Water/Beer

Fortress lvl 2 (2 500 atk/9 500 def)
cost 5000 Gold
2 500 Woods/Stones/Water/Wheat et 8h

Building Level 3 Fortress on the German Server.


Is Enabled:
Fortress Level : 3 (3,000 ATK, 11,000 DEF)
1 space in the Meuchelheer

12,500 gold
wood 5000
5,000 stones
wheat 6,250

Duration: 16 hours

Fortress Level : 4 (3.500 ATK, 12.500 DEF)
+ 1 Place in Meuchelarmy (13 total)

Building costs:
Gold 25.000
Wood 10.000
Stone 10.000
Water 10.000
Wheat 12.500
24 hours

Expanding to Level 6 Fortress is more expensive.

Construction costs:

125,000 Gold

Wood 10,000

stones 10,000

copper 10,000

Beer 8,000

Statue 5,000


Under the link „fortress“ the upper graphic has changed. Now you see burning ruins that you have to upgrade into a mighty ruler's domicile. But this does not have megalomaniac reasons alone, because you will have to defend yourselves against the attacks of opposing assassins. But do not worry: Nothing will be taken away from anyone. The mightier your fortress is, the more traps you can set up in it and the more units can be recruited into your own army of assassins. If you have fended off the attack with success, you will receive a little booty.

Army of assassins

After you have repaired your fortress, you will find traps in the details of the fortress in addition to the army of assassins which is accessible under „army → army of assassins“. There are 5 different units in total that have to be researched under „research → army“ in order to be trained. Each of these units has a special bonus which has influence on the raids of the army of assassins. Therefore you have to choose wisely for a balance between vigor and additional/ increased loot. All units of the new army can be equipped with regular equipment and be trained til level 3. The higher the level of the unit, the greater is the correspondent bonus. The maximum number of units in the army of assassins is 30. However this number can only be achieved, if you have upgraded your fortress to the maximum.


To fend off opposing attacks against your fortress, you have the possibility to set up traps in your fortress. If an enemy activates a trap, the attack ends automatically and you have fended off the attack successfully. Every opposing attack consumes one active trap. Traps can be produced in the new building “defense's engineer” or bought at the market. Via clicking a trap you can activate (green frame) it under “fortress → details of fortress” or deactivate (red frame) it.

Fortress fight

Under “fight → raid fortresses” you can send your army of assassins on a mission. Three different degrees of difficulty are available. Choosing “easy” you will attack an enemy with a little fortress and you will have a small chance of finding elementals. Choosing “middle” you will attack a midsize fortress and you will have the chance of 2 elemental drops. Choosing “difficult” you will attack a big fortress and you will have a chance of 3 elemental drops. Every player can only be attacked once every 24 hours by a certain player. A fight takes 20 minutes. Is the fight a succes you will receive a reward consisting of gold, points, honor, blueprints and maybe elementals. Blueprints are needed by the defence's engineer and the legendary smith.

Defence's engineer

Here the above mentioned traps can be produced. The traps have to be researched beforehand under “research → production”.

Legendary smith

Each legendary unit has received a unique set with this upgrade. These sets can be produced here and the equipment can only be worn by the legenday units.

Battle progress

Under “battle → battle progress” the history of the army of assassins and the fortress can be seen.

This is the horribly expensive thing you have to have to build bombs and traps.

Legendary blacksmith

for a select few have the knowledge and the skills to legendary to produce goods. This blacksmith is a master of his subject and also has the necessary magic basic knowledge it required for this. Objects produced by the blacksmith can be borne exclusively by legendary units.

Cost: 2,500,000 Gold, 2 pulse lasers, 50 engine, hydraulic pump 100, 100 board, 150 batteries, 200 ball bearing, 250 gears, 10,000 brass

Duration: 96 hours

I am expanding to a Level 6 Fortress.

I have built the Verteidigungsingenieur and I have researthed the three traps and can build them and have them equipped.

I can build the saws, bombs, and bear traps.

Now I have 14 Fortress Warriors.

I have one Sindar Warrior (looks like a Dark Elf and has two swords)

3 Imp soldiers, 3 Seraphim, 3 assassins, and 4 Vanir Princess (the Vanir Princess is the beautiful one with long white hair, she may be an Elf.)

The Vanir Princess adds +0.5 % Elementar-Bonus hopefully that means she helps you find Elementals.

These are my Fortress Army Stats, if you want to win every battle at Easy, your stats have to be better than mine are.

Angriffskraft (ATK): 3675 (+ 7)
Verteidigung (DEF): 3390 (+ 6)
Hitpoints Gesamt (HP): 2550
Leibeigene: 0
Heergröße: 14/14
Fallen-Bonus +1.5 %
Elementar-Bonus +2 %
Gold-Bonus +6 %
Zeitverkürzungs-Bonus -30 Sekunden
Blaupausen-Bonus +0.5 %

The Fortress Upgrade

Should I Build the most expensive building ?


Should I build this horribly expensive Building and have 0 Gold or should I do other things and wait till I can really afford to build it.

It is the most horribly expensive building and probably each piece you can build with it must be Researched at a horribly expensive price, like the things the Jewelry can build. And like the things the jewelry can build they are probably too horribly expensive to really produce.

You're missing:

50 Motor
100 Hydraulic pump
129 Batteries

Really I can not deside whether to spend all my Gold.


I asked someone a lot smarter than me about building the horribly expensive Super Smith.

He let me know that I have no need for it.

Thank you so much, Zeel.

Avoid spending your money and Resources to build the Most Expensive Building for now.

Equipment for the Legenday Units is all the Super Smith can build.

Anyways they are only useful for when you have a legendary.

Ex : This is the Banuq set cost, well aside elemental, all set cost the same amount of gold and blueprint (Which is why i don"t bother translating the elemental name) Btw banuq set is the only one than ask 2 kind of elemental in same time, but the 2nd is the iron elemental.

(Weapon ?)
20000 blueprint, 55 Eau élémentaire, 20 Fer élémentaire
10.000.000,00 Gold

(Armor ?)
16000 blueprint, 45 Eau élémentaire, 15 Fer élémentaire
8.000.000,00 Gold

(Jewel ?)
12000 blueprint, 35 Poussière élémentaire, 10 Fer élémentaire
6.000.000,00 Gold

(Extra ?)
8000 blueprint, 30 Poussière élémentaire, 5 Fer élémentaire
5.000.000,00 Gold

If I were to build the most horribly expensive Building all I could do with the Equipment I built with it is put it on the Marketplace and hope someone has a need for it.

The Fortress Upgrade

Meanwhile on the German Server.


wins: 40
losses: 29


battles: 27 wins
losses: 23

Now I am almost 50,000 Gold in the hole on the German Server and stuck.

German Server.

From Battles I have ended up with - 41,217 Gold, so I can't heal my Army or my Assassins or do anything till I can sell stuff to the Troll.

I have go sell 41,217 Gold in materials before I have a positive number of Gold.

I guess I am stuck for a while.

I got lucky, I had enough water to sell to the Troll to get me back into the positive numbers.

I think I trained a Serf and the Game loaned me money to buy the Serf with and I only had half of what I needed.

Who would have thought the Game would do that.

It would be very unhandy to accidentally double tap the button when Training an Assassin.


The Fortress Upgrade

My raids with the Assassins on the English Server.

DemiFan Juanrap (Hell) won 4.866 Gold, 714 Points, 4 Honor, 17 Blueprint 16.05.2015

DemiFan Barador (MORT) won 4.611 Gold, 688 Points, 4 Honor, 21 Blueprint 16.05.2015

DemiFan GENDY (MORT) won 5.143 Gold, 520 Points, 6 Honor, 10 Blueprint 16.05.2015

DemiFan Uiqua's cellar lost - 16.05.2015

Is it possible that if you left your Fortress Level 0 to 2, that only the weakest armies would be able to attack it ?

That by making your Fortress Larger and Stronger, you are making it a target for the guys with the Largest and Strongest Assassin Armies ?

I am building my Fortress up as fast as I can and as big as I can, but I may be doing wrong.

I am also making my Army weaker by taking stuff my own Army to give stuff to the Assassins, even removing Serfs from my Army to have Serfs to train for the Assassin Army on the English Server.

Would it be better to just forget the Assassin Army and keep my Army Strong ?

Who knows, it is up to you how you play the Game.


The Fortress Upgrade

Bear Trap +1% Crushing Blow
Booby Trap +2% Crushing Blow
Chopper Trap +3% Crushing Blow - L 5
Poision Trap +4% Crushing Blow - L 8
Lava Trap +5% Crushing Blow - L 11

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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Fri 10. Jul 2015, 14:39

Fortress lvl 1 (2 000 atk/8 000 def)

cost 500 Gold
500 Woods/Stones/Water/Beer

Fortress lvl 2 (2 500 atk/9 500 def)
cost 5000 Gold
2 500 Woods/Stones/Water/Wheat et 8h

Fortress Level : 3 (3,000 ATK, 11,000 DEF)
1 space in the Meuchelheer

So, level 3 fortress (Lvl (n-1)ATK+500; Lvl(n-1)DEF+1500):
Gold - 25.000 (lvl(n-1)x2)
Wood - 10.000 (lvl(n-1)x2)
Stone - 10.000 (lvl(n-1)x2)
Water - 10.000 (lvl(n-1)x2)
Wheat - 12.500 (lvl(n-1)x2)

Fortress Level : 4 (3.500 ATK, 12.500 DEF)
+ 1 Place in Meuchelarmy (13 total)

Building costs:
Gold 25.000
Wood 10.000
Stone 10.000
Water 10.000
Wheat 12.500
24 hours

Fortress Level: 5 (4000 ATK, 14,000 DEF)
+ 1 Event place + 1 place Meuchelheer :

in construction costs
Gold 50000
Wood 20000
Stones 20000
Water 20000
Wheat 25000
Duration: 32 hours

Fortress Level: 6 (4500 ATK, DEF 15,500)
+ 1 place in Meuchelheer

Construction costs:
gold 125,000
wood 10,000
stones 10,000
copper 10,000
beer 8000
statue 5000
Duration: 40 hours

For a level 7 Fortress:

Production costs:
Gold: 250.000
Wood: 20.000
Stone: 20.000
Copper: 20.000
Beer: 16.000
Statue: 10.000
Duration: 48 Hrs

Fortress Level : 8 (5.500 ATK, 18.500 DEF)
+ 1 Trap Slot
+ 1 Place in the Assassin Army

Gold: 500.000
Wood: 20.000
Stone: 20.000
Bronze: 20.000
Wine: 25.000
Jugs: 25.000
Duration: 56 Hrs

Fortress Level : 9 (6.000 ATK, 20.000 DEF) + 1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 1.000.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Bronze 45.000
Wine 50.000
Jugs 50.000

Duration: 64 Hours

Fortress 10

Fortress Level : 10 (6.500 ATK, 21.500 DEF)
+ 1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 1.750.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Steel 70.000
Hard liquor 70.000
Stone plaques 70.000
Duration: 72 Hours

Fortress 11

Fortress Level : 11 (7.000 ATK, 23.000 DEF)
+ 1 Trap
+ 1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 2.500.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Steel 80.000
Hard liquor 80.000
Stone plaques 80.000
Legs of beef 80.000
Duration: 80 Hours

Fortress 12

Fortress Level : 12 7.500 ATK 24.500 DEF
plus 1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 3.250.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Steel 110.000
Hard liquor 100.000
Stone plaques 100.000
Legs of beef 100.000
Duration: 88 Hours

Fortress 13

Fortress Level : 13 (8.000 ATK, 26.000 DEF)
+ 1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 4.000.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Hard liquor 100.000
Cobalt 100.000
Jewelry 100.000
Stews 90.000

Duration: 96 Hours

Fortress 14

Fortress Level : 14 (8.500 ATK 27.500 DEF)
+1 Place in the Army of Assassins

Construction costs:
Gold 4.750.000
Wood 20.000
Stone 20.000
Hard liquor 120.000
Cobalt 120.000
Jewelry 120.000
Stews 100.000

Duration: 104 Hours

Fortress level : 15 (9.000 ATK, 29.000 DEF)
+ 1 slot in assassination army

Construction costs
Gold 5.500.000 (Gold level: 28.333.158 Gold)
Wood 20.000 (Storage: 2.148.513 units)
Stones 20.000 (Storage: 1.369.141 units)
Weapons-grade steel 11.500 (Storage: 10.054 units)
Hard liquor 100.000 (Storage: 100.481 units)
Stone plaque 100.000 (Storage: 200.601 units)
Duration: 112 Hours

Subject: Your assassination army was successful!

Mentally and physically drawn by the mission your assassination army arrives at the fortress. Threatening torture to them, you immediately let them bring to your throne room.

However, the thought of torture flies immediately after you have taken your prey in inspection:

7.055 Gold, 3.388 Points, 11 Honor

A pretty nice medium Assassin Raid.

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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Wed 30. Sep 2015, 04:27

If you want to know about what you need to build the Levels of the Fortress, look at my post above this one.


If you need something post it somewhere.

Talk to DemiFan in the Game if you can not find or build something you need.


I had forgotten about the Links to Helpful Pages on the Forum page.


Subject your unit to horrific rituals and exercises to make it even more powerful.

Vanir Princess

ATK: 25 (+12), DEF: 35 (+17), HP: 90 (+45)

Cost: 100.000 Gold, 1.000 Dried fish, 1.000 Crab cake, 1.000 Leather belt

Duration: 42 Hours

+1 % Elementary bonus

The First Advanced Training for the Vanir Princess isn't so bad.

Subject your unit to horrific rituals and exercises to make it even more powerful.

Vanir Princess

ATK: 37 (+25), DEF: 52 (+36), HP: 135 (+94)

Cost: 250.000 Gold, 1.000 Dried fish, 1.000 Crab cake, 1.000 Leather belt, 1.000 Leather helmet, 1.000 Leather vest

Duration: 72 Hours

+1.5 % Elementary bonus

The Second Advanced Training is a bit more expensive.


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Re: Days of Evil Game Instructions

Postby DiannaDark » Sat 19. Dec 2015, 19:40

Merry Christmas.

If you are new to the Game, this Thread is for you.

An old hint to our Game.

Added in case you flipped to the last page and you are new in our game.

Warriors Needed to do specific Heroic Dungeons

If you are looking for the Complete Game of Evil Instructions, go to this and that on the Forum and look for Game of Evil Instructions.

For the Heroic Dungeons, eventually you will need to think about this.

H1: lvl 15 required + one sandrunner

H2: lvl 18 required + one dragon hunter + one magma lord

H3: lvl 20 required + one fairy warrior + one dark elf + one archangel

H4: lvl 22 required + one assassin + one necromancer + one paladin + one wanand

I am sure unlucky, I dismissed my Assassins and Fariy Warriors.

This is one of the Reasons it would be a wise choice to hire all Orcs and use them and Research the Units till you get all the Army Units Researched. (When I was new to the game, I didn't do that, I like Dark Elfs . as soon as I had enough Gold I filled my army with them. My hints are suggestions, not Rules.)

Talk to me, DemiFan in the Game and I will help you.

Advanced Study in Production for Mad Scientists, complete Beginners Study in Production first.

Always start at the top of the page.

Develope a plan for production like lots and lots for cheap things like water (like 56439 pieces). You should have Large Buildings then you can click on the green arrow and make the same in the other 5 wells.

For huge expensive things like Ent axes you have to make a bunch of different things to make them.
1 or 2 for items like this.

From the top down make everything till you run out of imps, gold, you get bored, or your mom calls you to dinner.

If you don't have the materials or gold to make something in a type building skip it and go to the next.

When you reach the bottom, skip around clapping your hands and singing, "If you are happy and you know it Clap your hands." That is the most important step.

If there is a Competition forget everything and build that item till the end of the Competition.

Sometimes you will be working on a Quest that wants certain things made. Boo. Well make those things till the Quest is done, or stop in doing Quests for a while.
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